12 Awesome Pool Area Storage Ideas

With the warm sunny days of summer finally here, many of us are planning on spending much of the coming weeks outdoors around the pool. Having a pool not only means a place to relax and beat the summer heat, but it also means lots of pool accessories from noodles and floaties to skimming nets and cleaning supplies.

Having these things scattered around your pool deck not only makes the space appear cluttered and chaotic, but it can also make it dangerous.

Keeping the area around your pool clear of stray objects reduces the risk of someone tripping and falling into the pool or bonking their head.

We already know that having a tidy house makes it easier to unwind, and the same thing goes for your outdoor space. But how to keep all of these things organized without giving up a large chunk of your deck’s square footage? The internet is full of awesome ideas on how to best organize and store your pool-side items to keep your pool area clutter-free.

Even if you don’t have a pool, these ideas can be incorporated into many backyards or patio designs to help create a tidy outdoor space where you can relax and not feel like you’re constantly stepping over the kids’ stuff. Here is a compilation of some of the best organizational ideas and designs the web has to offer so you can spend your summer enjoying your pool and outdoor space.

Use PVC pipes to build a long hook to store pool floats

Or hang a whole bunch of floats and rings on a flag pole.

Tidy Up the Pool Deck with a DIY PVC Pool Rack


Use dollar store baskets attached to your fence to store goggles and toys.


Wooden pallets are a common material to build a storage rack for noodles. Add some hooks to store towels, wet suits, and goggles.


another version that also added baskets for goggles and toys.

Make a floating pool toy basket with a dollar store basket and pool noodles.


Use a fun piece of weathered wood to hang goggles and masks.

Near pool organizer with hooks for towels, suits and toys storage.


Use a wine rack to keep those towels handy.

Or use an old shutter.

Use a cargo net and Command hooks to contain all those floats up off the floor.