80 Easy and Cool DIY Fall Centerpiece Ideas To Inspire You

One of the best things about autumn is the family dinners. The whole family and your favorite friends gathered around the table, enjoying warm dinners and laughter. But, do you know what goes great with baked squash and a warm cup of cider? A beautiful autumn centerpiece that adds to the festivities and brings the harvest season inside to your table. There are countless websites and box stores that sell autumn themed-decor, which can be used for centerpieces, but these are more expensive and less personal than ones you make yourself.

I know, I know, not everyone is artistically inclined, but that is not a requirement for these festive and beautiful centerpieces. These projects are easy to do and will add so much cheer to your fall season. Best of all, there are ideas for every taste. Whether your decor is rustic-farmhouse or leans more towards glamorous and sleek, there is a centerpiece that will match your aesthetic. Of course, once you get started, you won’t want to stop, which is totally fine. Make extras to set around the house on coffee tables or bookshelves. Or make extras and hand them out to your friends and family. They are definitely going to want some after they see how great they look at your place. So skim through this enormous list of fall-themed centerpieces and pick a few of your favorites to make.

Apple Candles | Instructions – littlegreennotebook.com

Fall Harvest Centerpiece with Peas + Corn + Red Beans and a Candle | Source 

Scarecrow Centerpiece | Source

Pumpkin Candleholder | Source

Pumpkins and Pears Centerpiece | Source – lizmarieblog.com

Corn Filled Jars and Candle centerpiece | Source – amandajanebrown.com

Wine Glass centerpieces | Source – momcrieff.com

Pumpkin Succulent Planter Centerpiece | Source – anightowlblog.com

Pumpkins and Gourds Centerpiece | Instructions – sugarandcloth.com

Color Wrapped Wheat shaft centerpiece | Instructions – inspiredbycharm.com

Wheat shaft centerpieces for fall | Source – patternsandprosecco.com

Logwood candle holder | Source – hometalk.com

Pumpkin and Gourd Fall centerpiece | Source 

Fall Cornucopia Flower arrangement | Source

Maize Painted in Metallic shade centerpiece | Source – countryliving.com

Fall Leaf candle holder | Source – fastforwardfun.com

Toolbox turned into centerpiece | Source – sarahjoyblog.com

Metallic Color Spray Painted Pumpkin | Source – hip2save.com

Neutral tone Pumpkin and Antlers centerpiece | Source – toneontoneantiques

Fall centerpiece with Pinecones | Source – ritamay-days.blogspot.com

Pumpkin and Hydrangeas Centerpiece | Source – ellaclaireinspired.com

Fall Lantern centerpiece | Source – thefrugalhomemaker.com

Wheat shaft centerpiece for fall | Source – shabbyfufublog.com

Fall Mason Jars centerpiece | Source – sincerelyjean.com

Fall in a Tray | Source – apumpkinandaprincess.com

Bundle of Wheat centerpiece | Source – uncommondesignsonline.com

White Pumpkin centerpiece | Source – yourcozyhome

Colorful Pumpkin centerpiece | Source – delineateyourdwelling.com

Wooden log candles and Eucalyptus Centerpiece | Source – onsuttonplace.com

Wheat shaft candle holder decor | Source – confessionsofaplateaddict

Basket of Pumpkins | Source – lizmarieblog.com

Gorgeous Pumpkin Flower Vase | Source – goodhousekeeping.com

Soft blue Pumpkin centerpiece | Source – chicvintagebrides.com

Metallic Pumpkin Flower vase | Instructions – gigglesgalore.net

Paper Pumpkin centerpiece | Instructions – minted.com

Fall Mason Jar decor | Source

Pumpkin and Candle decor | Source – sophiasdecor

Fall leaf wrapped around a Candle | Source

Branch Candleholder centerpiece | Source

DIY Pumpkin flower vase | Source

Fall Candles centerpiece | Source

Thanksgiving Table centerpiece | Source

Apples Candles | Source

Fall Lanterns decor | Source

Pumpkin Candleholder DIY | Source – twigandthistle.com

Fall Centerpiece with Lantern and Fall leaves | Source – opulentcottage.typepad.com

Metallic color pumpkin vases | Source

Fall Lantern DIY | Source

Fall Pumpkin, Pinecone and Candles centerpiece | Source

DIY Fall Leaf bowl | Source

Plaid fabric Pumpkins for centerpiece | Source

Coffee Beans and Cinnamon Sticks decorated candles | Source

Dryer Vent Pumpkin | Source – thismamaloves.com

Candles decor for Fall | Source – weddingomania.com

Pumpkins using Scrub Pads | Source – mysoulfulhome.com

Layered Paper Pumpkin | Source – scrapbookexpo.com

Fabric Pumpkins | Source – thesitsgirls.com

Flowers stuffed into a Pumpkin | Source

Goblet Bowl Centerpiece | Source

Perfect Pumpkin flower vase | Source

Twine Pumpkin filled with small pumpkins and flowers | Source

Fall centerpiece with dried leaves and wine corks | Source