Best 15 Ways to Add Shade to Your Outdoor Living Space

Summer is an ideal time to spend time outdoors and enjoy our yards, the only drawback in many cases is the heat that the sun gives us. To lessen this heat, we look for something refreshing, like shade, but the most ambitious do not settle for an umbrella in the middle of the garden. For this reason, here we show you 15 ways to shade your garden and give it an extra aesthetic touch.

1. Pergola with detailed latticework

Pergolas are a decorative element that takes up little space and where we can place more options, like lighting, flower pots, or in this case, a lattice. This lattice will give us shade when the sun hits it, at the same time that its decorative patterns are reflected where the shadow is.

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2. use fencing panels and reed mats to cover paths

An inexpensive and easy-to-make rustic style option, it can be used to create “tunnels” for small exterior paths and avoid walking with the sun on your head. In addition, natural materials can be used, it’s usually necessary to change them from time to time, otherwise, being of plant origin they will end up wearing out.


3. Sliding wire hanging canopy hung on a support frame

If you already have supports like a pergola, you can add a canopy tied by ropes, which is capable of retracting when the situation calls for it. This gives the advantage of being able to easily choose and change the color of the canopies. The option to extend and contract these fabrics allows us to enjoy the space when we want to see the views of the sky.

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4.Use vines and natural vegetation to cover small spaces

Vines and other climbing plants can be planted and guided with poles and fabric shades to serve as natural umbrellas. The guide stick will remain in place once the plant has grown. The leaves may require some pruning if they hang down from the mesh used for support. This way of creating shade takes some time, but it’s definitely worth it.


5.Use thin and light bamboo panels

The lightness of these panels allows them to be fastened with fine wires, which gives the feeling that the panel is floating over the patio. Bamboo is one of the most resistant plants, so in case of hail or heavy rain, these panels will withstand these conditions.

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6.Use rope attached sails for outdoor spaces

These fabrics provide us with a great variety of shapes and sizes. In this way you will always find one that fits in your garden. They are light and easy to put on and take off. These also combine with other decorative elements such as lights or vines.


7.Using climbing plants over gazebos

A wooden surface is placed on which the vines can climb, like some of the previous pergolas. Once they have grown enough, you can cover most of the roof with the creeper and you can enjoy the shade it produces, as well as this decorates the wooden structure on which it’s located.

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8.Use rollup venetian blinds

They can be used for both the ceiling and the walls, in the case of the curtains on the walls, roller shades can be used to be able to enjoy the sun when it doesn’t disturb. They also draw a nice pattern with the shadows they cast.


9. Using curtains on a covered patio

In the event that the sun sets us horizontally, especially during sunrises and sunsets, we can protect from the sun by means of thin curtains, which let in light, but which directly block the rays of light.

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10. Create a small terrace where climbing plants can grow

Through surfaces like semicircles, we can create a corner in the garden that we take advantage of both to decorate and grow plants, as well as to cover ourselves from the sun in a natural way and enjoy the garden whenever we want.


11. Bamboo blinds as a sunshade pergola

Bamboo allows you to cover large areas without applying many supports, which gives them an advantage for large areas.


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12.Place a mesh on which vines grow

If you have a semi-enclosed space, you can place the mesh so that when the plant has grown, you have as much shade as a tent look both cozy and natural.


13. Fabrics interposed between beams for shade and decoration

If you plan to always leave the fabrics in place, you can try placing them interposed between the beams to give a more modern look, without removing the shade we are looking for from our space.

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14. Add bamboo shade cover to pergola

Pergolas, as you may have seen, offer many options. One of them is to use bamboo sheets so that light can pass through but also give us shade. This way of using bamboo offers a random style to the ceiling, but not for that ugly.


15. Build a retractable awning

This option takes as little space as possible, since it only requires a fabric that can be extended and retracted, and a couple of ropes over which the awning washers pass. This gives us an easy and inexpensive way to shade open spaces without sacrificing any place within our garden.

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