Awesome DIY Playgrounds Border Ideas

If you’ve got the space for it, everyone loves having a backyard play area for the kids to have fun. Unfortunately, many playground construction options can cost quite the arm and leg and can, for most families, be pretty prohibitive. What’s more, one thing that most people never take into consideration is the ground cover and border.

Borders are great for play areas as they essentially establish the location as being specifically for playing. It essentially acts as a defined area for playing while also containing a ground cover as well as other safety elements.

Here, we’ve found 8 amazing DIY Playground Border Ideas that work perfectly for your current existing playgrounds as well as any playgrounds you’d like to have set up in your home or communal neighborhood.

#1.Rubber Playground Barrier

Another great border idea for you to consider would be rubber timbers. Not only is this a great option from a cost perspective, but the rubber material is also highly variable and ec0-friendly.

In addition, due to the material having drainage ports, you never have to worry about your play area flooding.

#2. Plastic Playground Bordering

Most characteristically seen at schools and daycare centers, you can also set up this plastic border around your own playground. They act as a safer and more efficient alternative to wooden borders and are incredibly easy to set up.

#3. Recycled Tire Playground Border

Certainly, a more cost-effective option for you to put together. The Tire Playground Border essentially sets up and puts together several recycled tires and turns that into the border.

The fact that you can get this for virtually nothing is also a huge selling point. You can go to your local tire shop and get the punctured tires or on Craiglist to get started.

#4. Wood Logs for a Raised Play Area

Certainly one of the more visually enjoyable options on this list, by using these wooden logs, you can erect your own play area. The one drawback is that small children may potentially find entering or exiting the border difficult. Still, of them all, this is the one most likely to get praise from your neighbors.

#5. “Frame it All” Playground Border

A super cost-effective method that was initially developed by landscape designers. It is made from a blend of recycled plastic and sustainably grown wood. Not only does it designate the area for your playground, because it also protects any kids from dealing with poisonous chemicals or splinters. It is easy to install, using a snap & lock system, meaning you can set it up anywhere as well as take it apart and move it to another location if you are interested at a later date,

#6. Timber Wood Border Landscape

It seems planter boxes, walls, and beds aren’t the only uses offered by timber wood lumber. Turns out they can also be used to create a playground border. This option is great, as it makes the playground look amazing, doesn’t cost as much as other borders, and can be stacked on top of one another so that certain creatures don’t spoil the fun with their presence.

There are two options for this brand of wood border. Either through actual, natural wood or recycled plastic. The natural timbers, while real, costs more than the synthetic plastic options and must be treated every few years to keep from falling apart.

#7. Faux Stone Border

While sharing the same appearance as actual stones, this border is really made from recycled plastic. This is a great option for many, as it grants an increased level of charm to a playground while at a very inexpensive rate. Not only that, but you’re being eco-friendly too.

#8. Concrete Enclosement Pathway

Finally, there is the option of paving an encasement-style walkway around the playground. You generally see them more often in parks and communal spaces. This is due to both the aesthetics as well as the reasonable rates it costs to do it. If you want, you can actually set this border up in your backyard. Just make sure your floor or backyard aesthetic makes it worthwhile.