19 Effective Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Baking Supplies

It doesn’t matter who you are or how great of a cook you’re capable of being, we all can, at times, have a pretty messy and disorganized kitchen. For many of us, this can range wildly between having some trouble finding a few items that you know you purchased, to much more stressful situations where spatulas are in the pantry and baking flour is next to the pots and pans.

Cleaning your kitchen counters of different items is a start to getting fully organized, definitely. However, most people simply stop at that. The fact of the matter is that there are many, many different and highly effective methods that you can use to get your kitchen and baking supplies in order. This will result in, not only a tidy and well-functioned kitchen but also an easier process in finding exactly what you are looking for exactly when you need it.

In this breakdown, we’ve found 19 super effective ways you can organize your kitchen so that it looks great and functions even better.

1. Use Acrylic Containers in Kitchen Drawers

While it may seem like you’re taking up space, nothing can be further from the truth. Simply place a pair of acrylic containers in your drawers, and you can house all of your baking flours and sugars much, much easier.

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2. Use Wire Baskets for Baking Tools

By using different sized wire baskets, not only does your space look more organized, but you can effectively have a specific place to put all your materials that is easily recognizable.

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3. Use a Pot/Pan Organizer in Your Cabinets

Another mildly counterintuitive option, by putting your pots and pans in your cabinet and using a pan organizer, you can actually make things much easier and simpler when grabbing something specific.

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4. Use a Magazine Rack

While it may seem crazy, it actually works! If you enjoy baking a whole lot, consider holding your baking pans and trays in a magazine rack for easy and quick access.

5. Use Cupboard Door for Measuring Cups/Spoons

An excellent option that you can pretty much do today, grab a few stick-on hooks and connect them to the cupboard door. This way you can instantly get a hold of any measuring cup or spoon for your baking without going through a batch.

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6. Put all your Cookie Cutters in a Cookie Jar

Great for spicing up your cookie design, just throw them all in one glass jar and shake it up. Since its glass, you can see what you are getting meaning if you want it random you can and if you want to be specific, you can do that too.

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7. Add a Vertical Storage Rack

By adding a vertical storage rack in your cabinet, you can more easily hold any baking pan or tray.

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8. Make an IKEA Cart a Baking Station

While certainly IKEA is the best, this works for almost any kitchen cart option. Just put a lid over it and now you’ve got a mobile baking station.

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9. Create a Pullout Baking Drawer

A bit more work but greatly effective. Turn a cabinet into a pullout drawer where you can instantly grab any baking trays or items.

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10. Put your Baking Trays in a Wicker Basket

Similar to #4, by using a simple household item, you can easily use it to store your baking pans for easy use while leaving a whole cabinet free for one of these other ideas.

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11. Use an IKEA Dry Food Container

A super-effective way to keep things organized as well as easy cleanups, using an IKEA dry food container keeps everything in one place and won’t let flour or other powders cover your cabinet or counter spaces.

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12. Get a few Jars

You can spice it up by adding some adorable and fun labels to them, but jars make it easy to hold your materials as well as keep a measuring scoop/cup/spoon in them.

Tutorial at: thepaintedhive.net  Image Source: 11magnolialane.com

15. Hang your Baking Items on Hooks

Instead of just putting them in a drawer to get lost, instead, hang them up on a hook in your cabinet walls. This adds ease and organization to the baking process.

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16. Hold Utensils in Place with Pegboard Dowels

By adding or installing a pegboard in your drawer, you can set it up that items don’t scatter or move all over the place through regular use of your drawer.

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17. Create a Roll-out Baking Station

By adding an extension to one of your drawers, you can turn it into a baking station as well. This means you can hold your baking materials and start the baking process all from the same drawer.

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18. Use a Bookcase

By just grabbing a super simple bookcase, you can instantly have a functional baking station that leaves your kitchen drawers completely free.

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19. Create feet-level Drawers

Finally, don’t let the space at the bottom of your counters go to waste. Add a couple of drawers down there to really maximize your space and create a unique look that gives you more space and organizational use.