Useful Bathroom Pull-Out Storage Implements

If you poll a sizeable sample of homeowners and renters and ask them what room in the house is the most difficult to organize, there is a high likelihood that “bathroom” will sit toward the top of the list of recorded responses. After all, you probably keep a lot of stuff in your bathroom, from grooming products to toiletries to medications (to name only a few). In the case of many bathrooms, there simply isn’t enough room to put everything away neatly without putting all kinds of miscellaneous items up next to the sink as a last resort. In bathrooms frequented by guests, the issue of exposed items that can reveal personal ailments is particularly problematic. How then can you keep your bathroom neat and presentable without getting rid of your needed items? Simple – through these creative and affordable bathroom pull out storage ideas.

• Slide-Out Hamper – Equipping a cabinet with drawer slides make for a discreet place to store dirty clothes, washcloths, and towels.

• A Single, Massive Drawer – One drawer, divided by wooden partitions, can easily do the job of several small ones.

• Slide-Out Closet – If you have a funky kind of closet that is deeper than the average arm’s length whilst being too narrow to enter comfortably, then turning it into a slide-out cabinet is an easy and accessible upgrade.

• In-Cabinet Drawers – A drawback of a normal drawer, limited height, is bypassed with this spacious upgrade to make the most out of cabinet space.

• In-Closet Drawers – Maximizing the space in a bathroom closet is as simple as compartmentalizing it with drawers and a pull-out towel bin.

• Under-Sink Drawers – Another clever method of turning cabinet space into multi-level drawer space

• Transparent Closet Storage – Organization is not about hiding things but knowing where everything is. Plus, glass doors are a clever way to put neatly folded towels on display.

• Miniature Wall Storage Solution – In some cases, sections of the wall in your bathroom can be removed with minimal issues, seemingly opening up a new dimension for discreet nooks and cubbies. This is perfect for secret stashes of, um, whatever.

• Pull-Out Cabinet – For cabinets that are deeper than they are wide, creating shelves that slide out on a set of simple drawer slides enhance the accessibility of existing storage space, space you might not even have known you had.

• Shower Stash – If your bathroom is set up appropriately for this clever modification, turn that narrow space next to your shower into a convenient place to store towels, washcloths, or whatever you use in your cleanliness routine. A pull-out hamper completes the package.

• Ultra-Narrow Cabinets Made Useful – What can you do with two-inch-wide cabinets that require you to take everything out to get that jar of perfume or cologne in the back? You probably guessed it already – make it slide out.

• The Ultimate Wall Storage Solution – If you’re dealing with tight space in your bathroom, a bulky cabinet is not in your realm of possibilities. However, in many cases, there is hidden space within your walls that allows the utility of a cabinet without taking precious space.

• Horizontal Medicine Cabinet – Seriously, why isn’t this the standard? With drawers that extend to the side, your pills and topicals are nestled discreetly behind your mirror – a practical alternative to haphazardly swinging around a piece of glass that may one day hit you in the face.