Improve Your Home Curb Appearance with These 23 Ideas

The first impression matters. There is a study that says that it takes us less than a second to decide whether we like something or not. That’s why it is so important to take care of our home curb appearance. Whether you want to live in a house with unique charm or you want to sell your property, a good exterior will make the difference.

Improving the exterior charm of our home can seem laborious and very expensive. That is why here we bring you some affordable ideas, easy to do alone or with your family that will give a completely renewed look to your home.

1. Hide the trash can

If you have the containers in your garden, those can be easily hidden inside wooden huts with hinged doors to facilitate its use but hide it elegantly. You can also opt for a cheaper option which would be to put a fence around it. A wooden fence could also be decorated with plants or painted by the children of the family. That would give a creative look and at the same time hide the less aesthetic tools of the garden.

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2. Put up a post with your house number

Near the sidewalk, next to the garden gate or at the end of the fence, you can place a decorated sign or post with flowers. In it you can write your house number and so it can be read perfectly from the street without neighbors, delivery workers and friends having to snoop around your house.  Tutorial:     Tutorial:

3. Paint the pipes

If you have tired of the pipes or gutters looking rusty, you can paint and varnish them. You can use bright colors to give it a different look, the same color as the wall to camouflage them or use brown and gold colors to give it a coppery look. Also, you can try to hide them behind creeper plants.

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4. Create elegant pots

With a couple of standard pots from the plant store, you can glue them together for more elegant pots without spending a lot more money. For example, glue both bottom bases between them and you will have a pot shaped like a beautiful hourglass.

5. Create stone borders in your flower beds

Around the flower bed create a brick or stone path to mark the boundary. Then, make a second row of bricks but instead of laying them horizontally, put them vertically to create a ladder effect. Tutorial:

6. Create false windows for the garage

With reflective black paint (or regular black paint and a coat of varnish or lacquer), or you can also do it with vinyl stickers, you can decorate your garage door. The reflections will make it look like it really is a window and give it a sophisticated look.

7. Use solar lights

Place solar lights around your garden to illuminate it in an elegant and beautiful way at night. The little solar bulbs charge during the day and turn on when the sun goes down. They serve to illuminate flowerbeds, paths and beautifully pruned shrubs.

8. Decorate the base of the columns.

Apart from the columns, you can also decorate the walls with stone or brick vinyl, or decorate them with real stone and cement.

9. Decorate the windows with flower pots

One of the easiest ways to improve your curb appearance is with flower pots. Hanging pots can be placed to the side and side of the front door (if they are round, for example) or under bedroom windows. You can also opt for painted terracotta pots on the porch, with tall and bulky plants.

10. Paint the pots with bright tones

Paint the largest terracotta pots you have in your garden with bright colors that make them stand out. They will give a colorful air and diversity to your garden and the entrance of your house.

11. Give it a fairy tale air

If you have a small garden, either front or back, you can put some elements and turn it into a little piece of a fairy tale. Put up a fence decorated with plants, a brick path and a wooden door. With some bushes cover the imperfections of the wall and place some pots under the windows. Even if it is a small garden, you can get a unique charm in your neighborhood.

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12. Build a pergola

For the front door, the back door or at the garage door, building a pergola is a very interesting idea. With a few woods and some creeping plants you can get a natural awning over the doors.

13. Make a tree brick bed for the trees in your yard.

With some bricks, make a small circular wall around the tree. It doesn’t have to be very high. Then fill the hole inside with soil and you can even plant some flowers. It will be a perfect place to sit and rest for a while with your friends or family.

14. Build a brick road

You can also create a brick, stone or wooden path from the sidewalk to your front door. This is a bit more complex task but the results are great and will give a unique personality to the outside.  Get Tutorial here:

15. Use lattice fences

If you want to give more privacy to the garden but do not want to lose the natural light that arrives, the best option is lattice fences. These are fences with holes through which light can enter, but which manage to give a more private atmosphere to your home. You can decorate the fence with plants, hang flower pots or cover the surroundings of the fence with pebbles. It is a way to limit the garden in a very stylish way. Tutorial here:

16. Create a stony bed stream

You can dig a shallow path and place stones at its base to create a creek bed. You can put the beginning under the gargoyle and the end a little further from your house, surrounding the flowerbeds. When it rains, the water from the cannelloni in your house will end up in the bed and create a beautiful stream.

17. Stain the cement

With some paint, varnish, and creativity, you can tint the cement to make it look like tiles. With this you can decorate paths or the entrance to your house.

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18. Turn the tree feet into flower beds

Turn the tree feet into flower beds by planting lots of colorful flowers. You can follow certain patterns with the colors of the flowers to create designs that attract attention. It is an elegant way to hide the roots.  Image via:

19. Give an aesthetic change to your front door

Giving a completely new look to the front door of our house is very simple. You can build with your own hands or you can buy the moldings for the doors of your house in DIY or woodworking stores. Proper moldings will give your home a sophisticated air and you can make it look rather rustic or more modern depending on the style you want it to be perceived.  Tutorial:

20. Reuse the wheels of an old car

You can use the wheels to hang the hose around it. You can also use the old tires as a flowerpot, swing or any other idea that comes to mind. Old parts of a car can be reused to make lots of furniture.

21. Build a wooden porch

Also, on the floor in front of the door, you can put wood paneling to get a rustic porch that fits perfectly with the new pergola. Add a couple of chairs and a tea table or a hanging sofa to the porch so your family can spend whole afternoons under the sun.  Tutorial:

22. Create the swing for your porch

There are numerous tutorials on the internet on how to create your own porch swing. You can do it with tires, pallets, old wood or use old seats that you do not want in the house. Reinvent furniture but make sure it’s safe!

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23. Hide the air conditioning

As with garbage containers, you can hide the air conditioning machine. Remember that this device needs more ventilation because if not, it could be damaged. So you can use lattice fences, which let it breathe well, or scrub to hide it behind.

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So far some easy, low-budget and easy-to-do ideas to do with your whole family. It is a way to decorate the exterior of your home or to give a vivid look to be able to sell it to your clients. Remember that the first impression is the one that sells, so make them fall in love with your entry.