29 Ingenious Ideas for Budget Gardening

Growing a garden is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things a homeowner could do. You might find that the vegetables you grow outmatch the quality of what you can buy in your local supermarket, and when gardening is done efficiently, you’ll find them significantly cheaper as well. That being said, many may shy away from the gratifying experience due to perceived startup costs and back-breaking effort; but this needn’t be the case. With these gardening tips and hacks, you can embrace the growing season fervently knowing that delicious home-grown produce and beautiful flowers can be had without breaking the bank or your back.

1. Grafting a variety of plants onto a cactus.

See the video Instructions here.

2.  Newspaper Weed Barrier

While you certainly could buy landscape fabric from a garden center, it will cost some money. Used newspapers do the same job for much less.

Instructions: stockpilingmoms.com    via: lavozdelmuro.net

3. In-Ground Pots

Digging a hole for pots allows you to cultivate all the seasonal plants you want without the need to cut and dig out roots.

4. Eggshells

“What about them?” Eggshells ward off pests and make an excellent fertilizer.

via: gardenseason.com

5.  Using Old Seeds

If you aren’t sure if an old packet of seeds is still usable, test them before buying new ones by letting them germinate on a wet paper towel.

6. Using Succulents

Some plants can propagate through their leaves, making learning the easy art of using succulents easily worthwhile.

Instructions: succulentsandsunshine.com

7. Soaking Seeds in Warm Water

Jumpstarting the germination process makes it easy for seedlings to take root.

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8. Sweeten Tomatoes with Baking Soda

Yet another application for baking soda, adding the stuff to your soil makes for a more exciting bite.

Instructions: thegardeningcook.com

9. Curing Onions

An essential skill for any gardener that increases edibility and shelf life.

10. PVC Pipe Planter

Hollowed out and suspended, PVC pipes make for an eye-catching hanging planter.

11. Potato Box

Potatoes, like onions, are a kitchen staple. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to grow a lot of them in limited space.

Instructions: tipnut.com

12. Growing Mushrooms in a Laundry Basket

An easy solution for your favorite fungi.

Instructions: velacreations.com    via: milkwood.net

13. Shoe Organizer Planter

Another hanging garden solution that’s affordable and super space-efficient.

Instructions: instructables.com    Source: branchhabitat.blogspot.com

14. Nursery Tray Defense

An easy and affordable way to keep pests at bay.

15. Grow Tomatoes in a Bag of Soil

Insert a trellis into an old bag and grow some tomatoes the right way.

16. Grow Tomatoes Upside-Down

There’s no law that states, “Tomatoes must grow upward.” In fact, downward is more space-efficient.

Instructions: 1001gardens.org   &   gardeningknowhow.com

17. Seed Packet Organizer

A photo album can be easily transformed into a seed album, which is now a thing.

via: onehundreddollarsamonth.com

18. Water Bottle Vegetable IVs

If you want to keep your young plants watered, work smarter not harder.

19. Pallet Planter

Strap landscape fabric to one side and just like that, you have a raised garden.

20. Used Water from Boiled Vegetables

Don’t let one nutrient go to waste down the sink — now that’s thrifty.

21. Wooden Pallet Garden Table

Pallets are the undisputed MVP of DIY projects, and the realm of gardening holds no exemption.

22. Perfectly Spaced Seed Holes with a Muffin Tin

If you’re like many, you want your seeds perfectly spaced and orderly. Turns out, it’s not an impossible task after all.

via: onehundreddollarsamonth.com

23. PVC Drip Irrigation System

If you frequently forget to water your plants, this is the innovation your garden needs to stay hydrated.

24. Plant Markers Made with Broken Pot Pieces

Not only do they make your garden look chic, but they also save broken pots from the trash.

via: titantinasideen.blogspot.com   &   hardlyhousewives.com

25. Transform waste honeycomb briquettes into succulent planters:

26.  Branches rooting method with tutorial.

See the video Instructions here.

27. A planting method lets you have pots full of Ivy-arum.

See the video Instructions here.