Best 20+ Slope Yard Design Ideas

If you have a sloping garden in your house, it is likely that you have tremors just thinking about how to decorate it, distribute the space or simply use it in a way that meets the needs and is aesthetic. But, although we usually perceive sloping gardens as a disadvantage, we can be very creative to get the most out of it as well as get the most elegant, beautiful and unforgettable design ideas in the neighborhood. Instead of leaving it abandoned, with these ideas you can take charge of your garden and show your personality.

1. In small and very steep gardens, you can convert the slope into potted plants.

2. If your garden has a low slope, you can make stones as if they were stairs and decorate them with pots on the side and side. You can leave the sides with natural grass.

3. You can also choose to flatten the ground and leave the sides of the garden slopes, taking advantage of it to make terraced pots.

4. If you have children, you can take advantage of the raised areas to create a fenced play space and create stairs and slides to get in and out of it.

5. You can take advantage of the slope to make a waterfall. An inexpensive way to do this is to place watering cans that drop the water in the one under.

6. Place terraced pots in the center of the slope and leave the rest with a natural slope filled with green grass. You can use the natural soil for your plants and you can simply limit the edges with wood.

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7. If you have a garden with a very steep slope and it is very small, take advantage of the space to make a vertical garden full of color. Turn it into a green wall.

8. On the other hand, if you have a large space with a slight slope, you can make some pebble stairs limited by wooden slats that lead to a final esplanade where you have the garden furniture placed.

9. Or you can do the same idea with stairs made of stone tiles. Even in small spaces, garden furniture looks good on the terrace at the bottom of the stairs.

10. Or you can try making wooden stairs. This material looks great in the garden, very natural.

11. You can try making the stairs with large flat stones, instead of small slabs, so you can make a continuity like a path of large irregular stones that zigzags through your garden.

12. The slope can be flattened in a circular way in the middle of the slope, or just at the bottom, creating a semicircular wall. You can place curved benches along the wall and a central round tabletop or a fire pit.

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13. For the more adventurous families, you can place a very long slide that runs the entire length of the slope.

14. If the porch starts at the top of the slope, make a staircase decorated with garden lights to welcome guests into the house.

15. For the most fanciful gardens, you can make stairs and stacked stone walls without concrete to join them. Fill it with brightly colored plants and make the stairs disappear into the bushes.

16. Use pebbles to decorate the sides of the stairs.

17. Cut the slope and make a stone wall. You can use that space to plant anything, even trees!

18. You can flatten the entire garden by levels.

19. And you can even cover the flattened floor with wood as if it were an indoor floor. It gives it a very modern and elegant style.

20. If you use wood to make walls on the slope, you can decorate it with pots on top of the wall.

21. If you make levels on the floor, you can cover the lower one with wooden panels to turn it into seats.

22. Or mix up concepts: make levels, stone paths, and semi-circular stairs to change from one level to another. Pot the edges and limit the levels with brick or wood walls.

So far all our proposals to take advantage of your sloping garden. Think about which one best fits your space and personality and try to get your feelings beyond the four walls of your house.

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