30 Outdoor Easter Decorating Ideas to Make Your Yard Shine

Easter is almost here folks, and while it may be a bit different due to the current pandemic, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the festive spirit of the holiday! While masks and hand sanitizer may be included this year, having fun with friends, playing games, and (most importantly) enjoying a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt are still very much on the menu.

And what says Easter more than these 30 amazing DIY Easter Designs you can set up right outside your front yard? Read on and see just how this Easter Sunday just may be your best yet!

1. This is not only a super cute design, but you can make it a fun family activity all while saving a fortune! This is a win-win-win in my book!

via: pandahall.com

2. For those that may be in a smaller space, this cute little design makes sure that while even in the city, the Easter Bunny will remember to bring by some eggs.

via: thespruce.com

3. Another great easter egg design. This time, you’ve got three nests instead of two!

4. If you’ve got some spare easter eggs and some ribbons, this is a perfect activity to do with the entire family!

via: betweennapsontheporch.net

5. The perfect way to confuse the birds and the bunnies, with only a few flowers, some eggs, and a fountain, you can make your house look super fancy and perfect for the holidays.

6. A super easy and cute design and a great way to enjoy the day with the family, with just a bag and some paint, you can start this Easter with a bang!

via: etsy.com

7. With only a few plastic eggs and ribbons, you can have your door looking like quite the welcome committee for Mr. Easter Bunny.

Tutorial: honeyandfitz.com

8. Now he’s rolling in style! This cute design is both super colorful and will definitely make you stand out from everyone else.

via: theseasonalhome.com

9. Another perfect design for those that would like a place for the Easter Bunny to drop off the eggs.


10. With just a few add ons to your existing flowerpots, you can have a delightful carrot patch without the wait.

11. After all, how is Mr. Rabbit going to deliver the Easter Eggs if he doesn’t have a way to leave his house? This cute design will have everyone in the neighborhood stopping to give a little “knock, knock!” so he gets to work.

via: hallmarkchannel.com

12. For those that want a more rustic, down-to-earth, look, this design can’t be beat.

via: littlebrags.blogspot.com

13. “What’s up Doc?” indeed! For those that are really in the festive spirit, getting a few flowers and a wreath, and there’s no way the Easter Bunny won’t know what house to visit first!

Tutorial: lovethetompkins.com

14. A great design, not only for Easter but throughout the Springtime, all you need is a ladder and a few baskets and you’re good to go!

via:  frommyfrontporchtoyours.com

15. Another great and telling design for the Christians out there. This design perfectly illustrates the rebirth, complete with the cave and the cross.

via:  hometalk.com

16. So the little guy has some company while he’s dropping off the eggs, these colorful designs are super easy to make and can really brighten up your home.

17. And for those that are of the Christian faith, this is a perfect way to remember the religious importance of this holiday on top of all the Easter fun.

via: flickr.com

18. For those that may not have gotten rid of their Christmas tree yet, take off those Christmas ornaments and give it one more whirl until the winter! Just add a few eggs and you’re good to go!

19. Grow some cartoon carrots next to your real ones with this adorable design. Careful that you don’t mistake them for the real things!

via: instructables.com

20. Forget paying all that money at the store for an Easter basket. This hamper/flower pot and pool noodle not only will save you a fortune, but is SUPER cute!

21. This little guy is great for young kids and can be made with just a bit of hay, a couple of painted fans, and (you guessed it) a few easter eggs.

22. This cute design is perfect for a son and daughter tag-team. Store your eggs inside as you go Easter Egg Hunting to see who wins the most!

24. Easter Egg Topiary

24. Wooden Bunnies for Easter

25. Watercans, Bunnies, and Eggs

27. Front Porch Easter decorations

Via: littlebrags.blogspot.com

29. Bunny Bath

30. Adorable spring-easter decorations