Transform Your Planting with Burlap Sacks – Burlap Planter Ideas

If you’re like most planters out there, you’ve used standard plant pottery for the majority of your gardening work. And while this method certainly works well, it isn’t all that unique or memorable. One way to change things up and give your outdoor garden a more rustic and interesting dynamic is through the use of burlap sacks!

While they may seem like an odd choice for gardening and plants, burlap sacks are often made from a very durable and textured material that makes them resistant to shattering, tearing, or spilling as with other types of bags. Not only that but because of their design and feel, they instantly evoke a rustic charm that will make your own gardening scene stand out much more than by simply using standard clay pots.

Here we’ve found and listed 8 amazing ways you can implement burlap sacks in your plants and gardening to make you one of the few exceptional burlap planters. Read on and find the perfect design for you.

1. Using Burlap Coffee Sacks

Perfect for sowing seeds or adding fully grown plants, using a coffee sack is perfect for those that want a more stylized and portable planting experience. Because coffee sacks are generally quite large, these are perfect for your bigger plants and flowers.


2. Using a Burlap Sack over a Plastic Laundry Bag

A super simple option that looks amazing. Just grab a laundry basket and cover it with a burlap sack. And, voila! You have an incredibly unique and functional plant container. You can even embellish it with a chunky twine rope knot for an added bit of appearance.


3. Wrap your Clay Pots in Burlap

A great compromise for those that have too many pots to get rid of, simply covering your pots in a bit of burlap and decorating them with some twine will instantly transform them into a rustic beauty filled with character.


4. Cover a Tin Can with some Burlap

With a pair of scissors, a tin can, and some burlap fabric, you can have yourself a beautiful and unique design.


5. Cover a Metal Caddy

If you’ve got a galvanized metal caddy available, just by covering it in some burlap fabric and filling with your choice of plant, you will instantly have an amazing design that looks great no matter what room it’s in.


6. Sew Along Your Balcony

Either in a smaller pot or simply filled with soil and the plant, creating a number of burlap pockets along a hanging planter will give your home a bit of unique character that everyone will remember.


7. Fill a Mail Organizer

If you’ve got a mail organizer, by simply hanging it outside and filling with some burlap material, you will instantly have an area for beautiful flowers and plants to adorn your wall.


8. Burlap Hanging Baskets

Finally, this beautiful and compelling twist on the standard hanging basket instantly is more visually interesting and eye-catching than its standard counterpart.