Make Funny Twirling Paper Crafts

Party supply stores are cheerful places. You walk in the door, and whether it’s the silly costumes or the greeting cards having laughing fits, these stores are pure, unbridled fun.
But the fun-filled finishing touches are the colorful decorations hanging and twirling near the ceiling. Sometimes it’s hard to look away from all the things spinning. They seem almost to defy gravity. Have you ever wished you could have a spiral party in your home, with energy flowing everywhere, like confetti? Well—now you can!


-Piece of Medium Weight Paper
-Flat Surface (We used one with grids because it makes it easier to keep track of our lines—ok, we’re spoiled, we admit it)
-An edge to help make creases. We used children’s school scissors.


Start off by—

Folding Your Paper in Half the Long Way
Then fold in the long edges 1/2″ on each side. Unfold the edges, leaving the paper folded in the middle.


Fold Your Paper in Half the Short Way
Open the “short-way” fold. Take your paper and fold in the end, touching the crease in the middle. Do both ends.
Unfold your paper. Fold each end in to the nearest crease. Open it.


Fold Your Paper in 1/2 inch increments from one end to the middle.
Turn it, and do the same with the other end.
TIP: To get your folds nice and sharp, use a pencil. Slide the side of the pencil along the fold.


Open Up the Paper, Keeping it Folded the Long Way
Turn your paper over and use your kiddie scissors to score at an angle from row to row. Fold along the angled scores. Go back and refold the long edges.

Smash and Twist
Pull it apart.

Hang Your Spiral Up and Feel Like There’s a Party Every Day!