How to Make DIY Cement Succulent Planter With Old Towel

Flowers and flower pots are important part of every pretty garden; they bring aesthetic and beautiful charm in the exterior. In recent years, there are more and more varieties of flower pots, including classical ones, modern ones, all kinds of textures, shapes and colors. However, the store-bought flower pot, though beautiful, is expensive and brings no personal touch to your space. A good suggestion is that create a DIY planter and utilize green thumb in a unique way. The flower pot made from old towel and cement is not only beautiful but practical. Have you seen it?

For old towel, besides throwing it away as garbage, can you think of more practical uses? Here we can help you find an interesting role of old towel; easily make some DIY cement flower pots of special shape at home.

Materials needed:

– 1 towel (Why choose towel? Towel with rough surfaces can help the cement stick on it.)
– 1/2 bag of QUIKRETE
– 1 water basin
– 1 mixing stick for concrete
– 1 plastic bag
– 1 pair of rubber gloves

The steps to this project are extremely basic. First, mix a bowl of sand and some cement, and add water slowly to form a perfect mixture, neither too thick nor too watery. Use a stick to mix the mixture evenly and make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves.

Second, fold the towel in half and half and cut a hole to use it as drainage hole.

Wet the old towel that you want to turn into a sturdy planter. Put the towel into the concrete basin. Turn and swirl in the cement mixture, so that your towel completely gets saturated with concrete.

Next, use a higher and deeper flower pot as the mold, and then cover it with a plastic bag to prevent it from getting dirty.

Once your entire towel is covered in the concrete slush, drape it over the mold.

Before the cement is dry, arrange the shape you want. After a day’s drying, it becomes a really unique flower pot.

In order to make the DIY succeed, the following tips are important.

The towel chosen should be as thick as possible, so that the cement can stick to it.
The cement must be new, and the expired cement is easy to lose efficacy.
Before it is completely dry, it is necessary to tidy up the shape, and do not move after half drying, which is very easy to crack.
You can daub cement to the flower pot several times after drying if you feel it too thin.

The wall of flowerpot made by this method is thin, so it should be handled with care. In addition, the size should not be too large or too high because it’s hard to stand firmly in this way.

The shape and size should be designed before making. The mold and the floor should be protected to avoid cement everywhere. Rubber gloves should be worn when making. The cement is alkaline, which can slightly corrode the skin.

The flowerpot made by this method is very unique, rough and original, with different shapes. You can also paint anything on the outside as you like.
It’s an economical way to make a special flowerpot, which will bring a lot of fun. Moreover, it is economical and affordable. By using a towel and mold that I had on hand, the only expense was the concrete, which is less than $5!