Make a Cute Whisk Planter

Plants always seem to make a room more cheerful. It is as if they bring sunshine and fresh air inside with them. With this planter, you will have a place for plants. Not just any place either. This planter can be hung up so it catches sunlight. You might just look at it from every corner of the room.

Have you ever wished for an attractive way to root beautiful cuttings? Would you like to be able to have a plant hanger that you can say you made? Well, now you can!


-Medium-size bowl (a dollar store bowl is fine)

-Planting mix for succulents (Frugal tip: it is cheaper to make your own. 3 parts potting soil, 2 parts coarse sand, 1 part perlite)

-Large whisk

-Jute or coarse string



Ready? Okay, Let’s make the—



The String

No matter what you make, it is always easier if you have things close together and ready to go. So, put your planting mix in the bowl, and put the tweezers, whisk and string on the table. And remember, if your string is too long, it can develop an attitude while you work with it. Tie it on the very top of the whisk. Be sure to tie the string in the middle so it is doubled.

Now, wrap the string around the whisk, going in and out of the wires. Make the rows nice and close. When you are done, tie a single knot, then pull a two- or three-inch tail in and out of your weaving to secure it.

Video Tutorial:

The Planting Mix

Now add some planting mix until your “basket” is nearly full.

The Plants

Take your tweezers and gently poke your plant cuttings into the soil. About an inch deep is best. Water your newly planted greenery. Because your plants are babies, gentle is the keyword.

Admire Your Handiwork

Hang your planter up and enjoy it. Be sure to water your plants when they need it. Succulent planting mix is made to let water pass through quickly.

Thought you couldn’t own a hanging planter that you made yourself? Well–

Now you can.