A Perfect Patio with Gravel and Wooden Tiles

Life doesn’t stop at the back door. At the very least, it shouldn’t. A nice yard for gatherings and delicious backyard barbeque is the envy of many homeowners, but many halt their own dreams when the thoughts of cost and labor come into play. This shouldn’t be. A yard of weeds, dirt, and debris is a missed opportunity for expanding your residence and a blatant case of neglected space.

Still not convinced that a well-landscaped yard is within your means? Then look to these two underrated and inexpensive items that are eager to give your yard its due makeover: wooden tiles and gravel. Once you see what these two compadres can accomplish together, you’ll be convinced that the combination is nothing short of magical.

  • Staggered Tiles

To give your backyard a pleasantly eclectic look, simply place the tiles as if you were building a standard patio. but leave a few spaces here and there open to let that gravel breathe. Whether you’re short a few tiles or find that things don’t want to fit together perfectly, this is an ingenious workaround.

Source: houzz.com

  • Wooden Tile Patio Bordered by Gravel Planters

Once you’ve built your dream patio for sharing a lager and grilling some meat, use the existing soil to plant some of your favorite shrubs and mulch with gorgeous gravel.

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Source: juliabarrueco.blogspot.com

  • Paved Balcony

Turn that depressing concrete extension into a place to unwind, vibe, and watch the world go by. Tiles may not fit perfectly, but gravel provides a tactful solution.

  • Gravel Courtyard

Just because you’re surrounded by walls doesn’t mean you can’t have that backyard experience. A wall can be a perfect place to hang planters, after all.

Source: homify.es

  • Gravel “River”

Already have a portion of your yard paved with a different material? Fill the rest with wooden tiles staggered by a meandering path of gravel for a seamless transition.

  • Outdoor Dining Done Right

A table atop a gorgeous wooden deck beneath the comforting shade of a canopy? Not hungry but… when’s dinner?

Image Source: styleroom.se

  • Pergola Paradise

It’s extremely difficult to find a yard with a pergola that does not look incredible. Once you’ve assembled a patio of wooden tiles, one step remains between you and the high life.

Source: vanessagaiao.blogspot.com

  • Soothing Seiza

Even the smallest of outdoor space can be transformed into a new spot to pass the evening hours. Add a couple of cushions atop a nicely paved surface, and you have a comfortable place to kneel as you gaze into the pleasant evening light or mystical starry sky.

  • Stairway to Heaven

Wooden tile platforms provide a staircase with a modern twist, while the soft sound of water flowing through a gravel fountain makes the journey to your door as pleasant as the moment you step inside.

  • Wraparound Patio

Emulate the charming elements of a southeastern US wraparound porch (hopefully) without the humidity and mosquitos.

  • Glossy, Glorious Sitting Area

Stain that wooden platform with a glossy sealer for a super-sleek way to impress your friends.

  • Painted Patios

Experiment with a variety of colors using outdoor paint to satisfy your home’s palette.

  • Southwestern Walkway

As you walk along this sublimely illuminated path through the Mojave Desert on your way to an oasis, feel free to get lost in your thoughts.

  • Multi-Tiered Landscape

An elegant wooden terrace is perfect for sipping wine and relaxing, while the gravel-covered ground floor features a fire pit ideal for roasting marshmallows and shish kebabs.

Image Source: contemporist.com

  • Full-Sized Backyard Patio

Willing to go all the way? You’ll be pleased with the results – a fully navigable backyard with delightful plants and foliage that, thanks to the gravel, requires virtually no maintenance.

Source: eliseblaha.typepad.com

  • Patio Enclosed Garden

To kill two birds with one stone (figuratively, of course) the edges of a wooden patio can neatly contain planted cacti, shrubs, even edible produce.

  • Tile Walkway

As wonderful as your patio now is, you’ll probably still want to leave eventually. Maybe. Anyway, a neatly arranged tile path carries the charm all the way to the gate.

Source: archzine.fr