15 Great Ways to Maximize your Closet Space

No matter how large or small your closet space is, there’s a good chance you haven’t maximized the amount of space that is available. Even the smallest of closets, if properly organized, can store away a large number of items.

Here in this breakdown, we will be going over 15 different ways on how you can completely maximize your closet space so that you can fully utilize every square inch. What’s more, each of these methods will result in a tidier and more easily accessible item retrieval from the closet as well. This means you’ll not only have better utilized your space, but you’ll actually be able to get to your items faster as a result as well!

1. Use Shower Rings to Hang your Belts

A super-easy way to quickly grab one of your belts, while also knowing exactly which one you want, is to hang them up using shower curtain rings. Simply place them at the end of the closet bar as their own section and you can see exactly which belt you want without taking up any additional space.

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2. Use a Soda Can Tab to Double the Hanger Space

While it may seem silly at first, it’s actually ingenious. By simply placing a soda can top at the base of one hanger and looping a second through the other hole, you now have literally doubled your closet space for hanging items while adding virtually no extra space on your part.

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3. Add Baskets to the Back of the Door

A great way to increase your closet space is to use every bit of its excess area. In this case, adding some hangers and baskets to the back of the closet door itself will add a number of different item locations for you to utilize.

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4.Install Shelf Dividers

Another great option is to use shelf dividers in your closet area. This means you can stack things vertically rather than horizontally, greatly increasing the amount of space freed up, even if using the exact same amount of materials as before.

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5. Use Bags and Baskets to Hold things near the Floor

Either by using an open bag or a small crate or basket, simply place it in the bottom floor section of the closet. While it does potentially take up a space for a pair of shoes, in its place is a large variety of different items that originally would have taken a larger area outside or been disorganized throughout the closet.

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6. Include Drawer Dividers

Similar to #4, if your closet has drawers, simply including dividers can greatly improve the amount of space that is available, cutting down on the dreaded “dead space”.

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7.Knott Your Scarves to a Hanger

If you have a large number of scarves, rather than give each a hanger, by instead knotting them, you can actually more easily see what you want while also having a more aesthetically pleasing view.

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8. Fold clothing in Rolls

Rather than the standard method of folding, by rolling them out, you can essentially decrease the amount of space required per item by 50 to 75%!

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9. Get a Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizers are an awesome way to instantly add space and shelves to a closet. While you do sacrifice 2 or 3 hanger spaces, what you get in return more than makes up for it. This one inclusion can, in some cases, literally double the amount of space for items in a closet.

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10. Invest in S-Type Hangers

Rather than the standard “triangle” hangers, “S-type” hangers can hold multiple pairs of items compared to only one. The only downside is that they cost more than the standard hangers. That said, the amount of space offered is well worth it.

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11. Use Stacked Shoe Organizers

Investing in shoe organizers that stack on top of one another will easily double your shoe space due to cutting the horizontal space they initially had.

12. Use the Upper Shelf

Remember not to forget the upper shelves in a closet. Here, you can hold bag,s boxes, and even more shoes if needed.

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13. Create Shoe Hanger

If you have just too many shoes, consider creating a shoe hanger on the door. This will look great while also giving you even more space.

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14. Use IKEA Products

By simply adding a few pieces of IKEA shelving furniture into a closet, you can completely redesign its functionality, making it much more spacious as a result.

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15. Create a Scarf Organizer

Finally, if you have just too many scarves for #7 to work, consider instead creating a scarf organizer yourself. All you’ll need is a wooden hanger, some glue, and some metal rings. This can instantly turn a single hanger into a way of holding 10-20 additional scarves.

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