15 DIY Yard Projects That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained All Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes sunshine and lots more time out in the yard after being cooped up all winter. We all have ideas about how we want to fix up our gardens our that new fire-pit we’ve been planning, but what about the kids’ areas? Here are 15 fun DIY yard projects for playground that your kids will love. These will help keep them engaged and using their imaginations all summer long. Plus they will help keep them out of doors, being active, and soaking up all of that vitamin D.

Cardboard City

Lots of parents joke about the fact that kids get a new toy and then just want to play with the packaging. Why not let them? These cool cardboard cities will let them flex their creativity to build and keep them busy for hours playing with their finished town.

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Build a Mini-Hill

Building a small incline in the yard gives you a great spot to set up a slide or a rock wall.


Repurpose four old doors into a neat fort. For extra fun, let the kids paint the doors with bright colors and designs.

Image credit: earthscapeplay.com


Use branches from your yard to make this super budget-friendly play area. You could also plant some climbing flowers around the outside and let them use it as a trellis to make this fun and beautiful.

Fence Chalkboard

Hang a large chalkboard on your fence and the kids will spend hours doodling and decorating. Or, if you don’t have a chalkboard handy you could always paint a few of the fence posts with chalkboard paint.

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This adorable sitting area is not only a great place for outdoor tea-parties or super secret-club meetings, but it also provides a shady spot to take a break from all that playing.

Sunken Trampoline

Kids love making their parents cringe with their trampoline shenanigans. Sinking your trampoline looks really cool and also makes it after for the kids. Plus, this saves you from having to mow underneath it.

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Add a Sandbox

Use the edge of your concrete patio or sidewalk and add some sand to make a great sandbox.

Platform Fort

Every kid wants a tree-fort, but not all yards come with that perfect tree to house it. This awesome platform fort allows for the fun of a treehouse without using an actual tree. Additionally, this can be built much shorter than a tree-house, making it safer.

Check the full Instructions at: RowAndCo@imgur.com

Backyard Racetrack

We’ve probably all seen those race-track rugs for kids’ rooms, why not build your own outside? These cool tracks will provide hours of fun, and you can really let your imagination run wild with how you build yours.

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Garden-Arch Fort

This neat little fort is made from two garden arches and covered over with a reed-screen. However, you could cover it with other things, like canvas, or even weave flexible sticks through it for a natural-looking hang-out.

Kids Patch

Designate a corner of your garden area the kids’ patch and let them go wild. They can plant what they want and help tend it, or just keep it as an area to get messy while you weed your garden.

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Rope Bridge

Using some rope, boards and ingenuity, build a rope bridge or obstacle course in your backyard. This is a great activity for kids of all ages, but the older ones will especially love it.

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Sensory Table

Sensory Tables are great for little kids. You can fill this with sand or water, or divide the space and do half and half.

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These blobs are easy to make and are wonderful to have on a hot summer day.

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