23 DIY Backyard Pallet Projects Your Kids Will Love

Now that spring is soon coming to a close and summer is only a couple of months away, it won’t be long until the kids have time off from school and will be looking to spend more time outside. Because of the existing pandemic, however, things may not be as open this year as it may have been at other times.

Luckily there are ways to give you and your family a fun time right in your own backyard. Here are 23 great ways to transform your backyard into a playground with only a few pallets and construction tools.

#23. Outdoor Cooking Setup

With a couple of pallets and some hanging nails, you can create a small outdoor kitchen area. Now they can eat and play all at the same time!

#22. Sandbox

Who doesn’t remember playing with one of these as kids? With only a few pieces of pallet board and a few pounds of sand, you can create your very own sandbox. This is particularly great for young kids.

#21. Mini Garage

Just like you’ve got a place for your cars, your kids are going to need a place for their bikes! Nailing a few pallets together, you can set this up right behind the local fence.

More details at: palletsdesigns.com

#20. Mini Sandbox

Slightly different from #2. Rather than one large sandbox that is aboveground, instead, this option is made up of two smaller sandboxes that are flush with the ground level.

#18. Clubhouse

A super fun clubhouse that your little ones can hide out at and play around in. It can even be made with an upper level and a slide!

via: facebook.com

#17. Kiddie Patio

Just like you’ve got your own personal patio for adults, this is a great option for kids that want a place to sit around just for themselves too.

More details at: 1001pallets.com

#15. Pallet Swings

A great option if you’ve got some long and sturdy pillars or beams around the backyard area, with a couple yards of durable string and some cut pieces of pallet wood, you’ve got yourself two great swings your kids will love!

Source: upcycleart.info

#14. Mini Obstacle Course

If you want your little boy or girl to get some fitness in with their fun, this project includes some climbing blocks and even a slide. This way they’ll be the strongest kid in school during the next semester.

via: facebook.com

#13. Kiddie Clubhouse

Similar to #5, this little clubhouse is great for young kids to hang out whenever they want their alone time. You can make it with open holes in the side so that you can check up on them every now and then.

Image via: palletwoodprojects.com

#12. Lemonade Stand

This super cute option takes just some paint, a few pallets, and some lemonade. And just like that, you’ve got yourself a thriving business.

Source: flickr.com

#11. Minnie Shed

If you’ve got a little boy or girl that loves to follow after their construction daddy or mommy, making a little shed for them to wheel in stuff and play tinker away is super fun and helps foster their own interests.

Image via: palletsdesigns.com

#10. Kiddie Car Wash

Also a kiddie bike wash! Not only is this super cute, but you can also set it up wherever you want in the backyard!

#9. Mobile Kitchen

Just like #1 only with wheels at the bottom, you can take this little kitchen wherever you want in case your little ones want a snack while playing.

#8. Sleeping Tent

Especially for those times you and your little ones are planning to camp out in the backyard, this is an excellent option that you all will enjoy.

Image via: daviddomoney.com

#7. Kiddie Bus Driver

After all this time of sitting on the bus during school, now your kids have their own kiddie bus. All it takes are a few chair heads, some pallets, and 4 wheels.

#6. Pallet Floor Mat

If you are looking for a fun way to not muddy up your steps or floors too much, creating a floor mat from pallets is just the trick to consider.

Image via: palletsideas.com

#5. Kiddie Bakery

Just like the lemonade stand before, this option is great for the little ones looking into becoming a chef.

Source: liveinternet.ru

#4. Pallet Bench

A great option that is cheaper and more fun than a standard bench table. All it takes is some paint and pallet wood and you’re good to go!

Source: fabartdiy.com

#3. Relaxing Pallet Seat

By setting up a few pallets and adding in a couple of pillows and a duvet, you instantly have a great and relaxing room for either you or your child.

More details at: recycled-things.com

#2. Sports Wall

This is ideal for when you’ve got a large group looking to have fun. Rather than waste your money, grab a few pallets and super gluing them some baskets along the face. Now it is perfect for catching balls and other thrown toys.

Image via: catchmyparty.com & karaspartyideas.com

#1. Towel Station

If you’ve got a pool or sprinkler set for a fun time in the yard, making your own towel station is super fun and can be as big or as small as you’d want it.