Clever Uses For That Space Under Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchens are one of the most important work areas in our home and a disorganized work space creates unnecessary stress. Keeping kitchen counters tidy and organized not only makes the whole room look more inviting but also makes cooking much more enjoyable. Every kitchen has that gap between the bottom of the cabinets and the countertop but rarely does that space get used to its full potential. Some of it gets taken up with crock-pot or cookie jar storage, but what about the rest of it? These 15 clever organizational ideas will help you get the most out of the space under your cabinets.

15. Hang Hooks

Use C-hooks to make hanging storage for pan lids or utensils.

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14. Floating Spice Rack

Affix a magnetic knife strip to the bottom of your cupboard and then hang spice jars from it. If your spice jars have plastic lids, you can transfer the contents to small mason jars and they work great.

13. Appliance Garage

This “garage” for small appliances can store anything from a mixer to your coffee pot and helps keep your counters looking tidy and uncluttered.

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12. Swing-Down Racks

Using swing-down hinges, mount thin racks to the bottom of your cupboards. This is a great way to store knives, spices, or that cookbook you use frequently.

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11. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are very much in style and some narrow ones are a great way to utilize that under cupboard space. Hang a couple along your backsplash to store spices or dry goods like rice and noodles.

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10. Hanging Baskets

These hanging baskets are hung from curtain rods and S hooks and not only do they help keep your counters clutter-free, but they are also so pretty and can be used to hold things like small plants or vases.

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Fruit Hammock Under Kitchen Cabinets

9. Raise The Cabinets

By raising your cabinets to the roof you can give yourself an extra foot or two of usable space underneath. Plus, this eliminates the need to get up there and dust.

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8. Storage Basket

These baskets are easy to install and work great for holding dish towels or bread.

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7. Storage Shelf

Once your cabinets are raised to the ceiling you can add one of these handy shelves to store your cookbooks or decorative serving bowls.

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6. Stackable Baskets

These stackable fruit baskets make a great place to keep fruit and fresh eggs, or anything really. And their easy stacking means you can fit lots of storage in a small area.

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5. Hanging Utensils

Install a Hanging-Susan upside down on the underside of your cabinet and then add some C-hooks to hang large utensils from.

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4. Extra Cookie Jars

Adding a few extra cookie jars to your counter is a great way to store dry ingredients like rice or you could do things like granola bars or tea-bags.

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3. Hang Your Microwave

A couple of sturdy brackets from the local hardware store is all you need to mount your microwave under your cupboard and clear up some counter space.

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2. Hang Your Mugs

Coffee bars are a hot kitchen trend right now, but sometimes they are hard to make happen with limited counter space. Using a curtain rod and some S-hooks is a great way to hang and display your favorite mugs at your coffee bar.

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1. Hide The Paper-Towels

Hang your paper-towel holder inside a cabinet and then cut a slit in the bottom to hang a towel out of the bottom.

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