DIY Paper Moon Decor Craft

In this article you will find how to make an embossed moon design to frame and decorate the walls of your house. This is a perfect craft to do with children in class or at home, because it is not complicated nor requires the use of dangerous tools.

You will need

– White paper
– Colored paper
– Pencil, ruler and eraser
– Scissors
– Glue
– Optional: thick frame to hang the craft as if it were a painting


Step 1. Prepare the material

On the white paper, draw the moon with the pencil. You can make different figures or landscapes, or add decorations to the moon. On the colored papers, with the pencil and the ruler, draw strips about one finger thick. Then cut them as straight as possible.

Step 2. Make stars with the paper strips

Take a strip of paper for each star.
1. Take the strip of paper by one end and cross the two ends. You will have a bow shape (make the bow have one very short strip and the second one very, very long).
2. Use the long strip to cross it through the loop of the bow. And stretch until there is a very strong knot (but flat, do not let the paper wrinkle in the knot area).
3. Now you have a knot whose ends have a very short strip and a very, very long one. Fold the short one in and then use the long one to wrap the knot. Go folding it so that it is a flat pentagon shape.
4. Now that you have a flat pentagon, just pinch the five vertices of the pentagon with your fingernails. By pinching it, it will give the figure volume and it will puff up a little inside. You will now have a three-dimensional paper star.

Step 3. Fill in the drawing

Now use the stars to fill in the drawing that you had drawn in pencil on the white paper. Use glue to hook the stars onto the paper.

Now you have your work of art in relief! Use different colors to fill in different surfaces and make a more complex drawing, or use different shades to give a gradient effect. And finally, you can frame it and hang it on the wall to always admire your work!