19 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom With Wooden Elements

Betting on wood in the bathroom has always been a risky decision. Wood is a very porous material in which water and steam enter and spoil with incredible ease. But recently, thanks to the importation of tropical woods and the advancement of technology to allow for moisture treatments, decorating bathrooms with wooden elements is one of the most sophisticated choices to be made.

In this article you will find a list of the best ideas to transform your bathroom with wooden elements: walls, floors, frames for the mirror and many other decorative elements. Stay to discover the best eco-friendly ideas, beautiful and with a very elegant antique look.

1. Put wooden doors to your bathroom. You can file them down to give it an antique and rustic look and add a metal knob.

2. Use wood to create a frame for your sink mirror. You can create your own in a dark color that contrasts with the sink, or buy one at a decoration store.

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3. Use wooden furniture to store toilet paper rolls or towels. You can also opt for a dispenser or roll holder made of the same material. Depending on the color of the wood it will give a different air to the bathroom.

4. Using wooden plates on the floor of the shower gives a very stylish air, like a luxury bathroom. They look perfect on top of a pebbled floor.

5. You can use wood to decorate the exterior walls of the bathtub. In addition, you can also cover the gap between the bathtub and the wall with the same wood to place decorative plants, candles, towels or other decorative elements.

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6. Decorate the walls with wood. Add thick wooden shelves for a rustic touch. You can store perfumes on top, put scented candles, flowers, wipes or a watch.

7. The wooden sink is one of the most striking elements in bathrooms decorated in this style. Make sure the wood is well treated to ensure that the sink will last for years in perfect condition.

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8. In the smallest bathrooms, wooden shelves with holes can be used to hang the most common materials: the hairdryer, the iron, a bottle with toothbrushes, etcetera.

9. Also in the sink area, you can use wood in a more classic way by using it with a flat surface, or use unconventional sinks that give it a very sophisticated style. Use it in combination with ceramic, stone or stainless steel elements.

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10. Reuse everyday materials to give them a new life: use the wooden fruit boxes to paint, varnish and hang them above the toilet to place the rolls of paper, for example. – Instructions: morningbymorningproductions.blogspot.co.nz

11. In contrast, a more professional idea to decorate the bathroom with wood is to line the walls and floors with wood. It is much more laborious, but they become very unique bathrooms with a lot of personality.

12. Use wood to create handmade furniture or buy sinks whose cabinets have wooden elements. The contrast with the ceramic and stone of the other elements will make it stand out a lot.

13. Or, on the contrary, you can have traditional furniture with only some wooden details added.

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14. With some wooden flat bars you can create your own shelves. Put a wide foot and screw some shelves to it. You can rest it on a corner or on the wall and use it for decoration or for everyday use.

15. For more functional showers, you can add wooden seats to sit on to clean yourself. Wood is beneficial because it does not get cold, so it is not uncomfortable to sit on it.

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And so far all the ideas to decorate your bathroom with wooden elements: door frames, shelves, wall covering or adding good parquet, etc. You can also put wooden decorations on the wall: frames with photos, written messages, wooden souvenirs, etcetera. Give your bathroom a sophisticated yet antique style!