Best IKEA Hacks For A Kids Room

Whether you were looking to fully redecorate your kids room or just looking for some much needed storage space, we have come up with a list of the best IKEA furniture hacks to help you get creative and help you make your kid’s room look fabulous.

1. Join two bookcases together to build your own market stall

If you were looking for a DIY play grocery store ideas, look no further.


2. Turn the room into a bookshop with these cute picture ledges

A neat way to get organized and to look stylish at the same. It’s likely that both you and your child will want to spend hours in this room reading.


3. Set up your train set on this multiuse IKEA frame

Lay out the train set on this frame and build a whole toy city on top. Your child will love it.


4. Sneak in a couple of shelves into a twin storage bed

It’s the one way to keep things tidy and organized.


5. Attach casters to the bottom of a mesh basket and roll it under bed

First play and then store it and hide it away. Do it all again tomorrow


6. Attach colorful patches of printed paper to your IKEA bookcase and design your own dollhouse

This is one creative DIY project that both parents and children can do together.


7. Built-in storage space into a changing table

One clever way to combine usable space with decor

8. Turn a step stool into a play kitchen

A simple DIY that will add even more fun to play time.


9. Add a tube rail to an IKEA bookcase and turn it into a fancy wardrobe

You can now play dress up everyday with your very own backstage closet.


10. Use your IKEA plat rack as a wall shelf

You’ve seen how great these look at the local library. Now you can add a unique touch to story time.


11. Turn you kura bed into a treehouse

You can now have a treehouse in your home, even if you live in the middle of the city. Simply bring you kura beeds together and hide the flashlight under the pillow.


12. Transform your IKEA cart into a storage cabinet

Just another storage hack to help you declutter and get the room organized. Tidying up has never been easier with all the storage compartments on cute storage space.


13. Make the most of your IKEA spice racks and use to redecorate the children’s bedroom

It’s time to get inventive with these kitchen spice racks and hang them around the bedroom instead. It’s one clever way of adding both space and style to your kid’s room.


14. Turn that IKEA bookcase into a kid’s desk

They can do their homework in their very own study desk.

15. Make the most adorable book nook out of IKEA bookcases

Make your own private library in your kid’s bedroom and help your young readers get lost in the world of their imagination.