Wooden Deck Ideas: 15 Cool Ways to Transform Your Home’s Outdoor

Gradually, summer is approaching, and with it, the heat and good weather. During this time it’s ideal to sunbathe a bit and enjoy the air and the outdoors, and what better place to relax than your home. Speaking specifically, we refer to the outdoor garden, to the terrace, where you can enjoy the hours of sunshine and the mild temperatures at night to enjoy the most of this space.

But if what you want is to create a personalized space ideal to rest and enjoy both during the day and at night, both in summer and in winter, whenever it is, the best is the wooden deck designs. Wood will improve both aesthetics and comfort in the garden space that you don’t use. In this article, we will give you 15 ideas about wooden deck designs to create the space you always desired.

1. An irregular deck with a low balcony

You can take advantage of and play with the wood to form patterns with the wood on the ground. You can also further separate the deck from the rest of the garden with a railing.

2. A deck with an attached swimming pool

This option is perfect in case your house doesn’t have a pool. In this way, in addition to getting a small place to swim on hot days, you get a space to lie down and have a drink with your visits.  – via: contemporist.com

3. Make a wooden porch and combine it with flower pots

Decorating with wood doesn’t refer only to furniture. You can take advantage of and create planter boxes with wood that act as flowerpots and limit what is a terrace and what is the rest of the garden. It’s also advisable that the terrace is higher than the ground level so that the planter boxes don’t look so high.  – via: familyhandyman.com

4. A small deck with a bench made of the same wood as the platform

Creating a cozy and matching space isn’t an easy task. Making a wooden bench with the same color will help integrate it into the deck.  – via: rockmystyle.co.uk

5. Stepped deck with a wrap-around staircase

A stepped terrace is a two-story terrace. The second step is crowned with a central fireplace. To access this deck, a ladder is placed that also functions as a small wall behind the second terrace.

6. A deck on the second floor for better views

The perfect option for houses with good views of mountains, forests, or beaches. It’s a good option to add both an entrance with a staircase and a door on the 2nd floor.  – via: remodelandolacasa.com    nashastyle.com

7. A terrace with wooden walls and a pergola

The pergola helps to avoid excessive rain and sun, the walls protect against the air and give privacy in case of bad neighbors.  – via: thisoldhouse.com

8. A deck with LEDs and rope pergola

The led lights under the benches on the deck and the strings acting as a semi-beam give a modern look and contrast to the wood.  – via: happynest.vn

9. A Deck with a Jacuzzi and an Adjacent Lounging Area

The most typical option, a jacuzzi gives class and helps to relax. You can have a semi-closed area to rest or dry off after getting out of the jacuzzi.  – via: marcuscable.com

10. A backyard deck with a zen garden

More commons in oriental-style houses. The central garden occupies the central position, while the wood enhances the serenity of the garden itself.  –  via: houzz.com

11. A round patio deck with wooden flooring on stacked stones

Placing a wooden floor over the original floor and placing matching furniture can improve the appearance of a patio, no matter how small it may be.  –  via:  houzz.com

12. A deck with an extendable fabric canopy

A very useful option, since it allows you to enjoy the wooden deck while you can choose if you want to be in the shade or have the sun, also that the canopies are cheap and simple to use.

13. A stepped deck with a sandy floor

It gives you the advantage that between steps of the deck, the sand allows the two steps to be separated in an aesthetic way and also absorbs the moisture that can make the wood worse.

14. A double deck with a central fire pit

You can take advantage of an original wooden deck to create a lower one attached to the first. The fire pit in the middle of the lower deck decorates and gives a better feeling of warmth.

15. Homemade deck made with pallets

The DIY option. It’s a cheap and eco-friendly way that takes advantage of the pallets used to make the floor, a bench, and even a wooden table. An umbrella can be included for shade.

Image via: ola.fotobloo

image via:  karolinalansmansgarden@instagram.com