Wire Craft Project: DIY Wire Tree

If you have spent any time at local craft fairs lately or browsing craft websites like Etsy, you have probably stumbled across wire-wrapped jewelry and ornaments. While currently experiencing a wave of popularity, this is not a new craft. Using wire to make intricate settings for rocks and gems and to make delicate statues is an ancient art form. Examples of wire-wrapping have been found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs and in ancient Roman settlements. While they may appear complex and time-consuming, wire wrapping is actually an easy skill to learn at home, requiring only simple tools, some patience, and your imagination. Once you have the hang of it, the possibilities are endless.

One of my favorite wire projects is this wire-wrapped tree. It is an easy first-time project, and you can also make it as simple or detailed as you wish. You can leave your tree bare, just lovely twists and curls of wire, or add beads and small stones to your branches, making your tree truly unique. You can also use a large rock or piece of wood as the base for your stature. These trees are easily customizable and make excellent and personal gifts for friends and family. Or make one (or more) for yourself to display on a shelf or use as the centerpiece on your dining table.


6 Rolls of Bead Wire

Any beads or stone you want to incorporate


Chain-Nosed Pliers

Wire Cutters

See the video tutorial for one of these crafts: