12 Ways You can Transform Your Walls Using Plant Displays

When it comes to the outdoors, there really is no better decoration than a lush garden or beautiful plants. Unfortunately, for many of us, having a yard large enough to accommodate such a large or presentable garden may be difficult especially if we live in smaller spaces like apartments or with only a tiny yard or porch.

Thankfully, there are some great options available, one of which being the use of walls. Walls are an excellent choice for displaying plants as they take up no additional space while also giving your entire home an amazing first impression.

Here, we’ve found 13 incredible ways you can transform your bare walls into wonderful pieces of art using plants.

1. Alternate Planter Sizes

A great option is to mount several different-sized planter boxes along your walls. This will create a more “chaotic” appeal that keeps things fresh and interesting.

2.f Create a Vertical Garden

If you don’t have the space to make a standard horizontal garden, consider making a vertical one. This option is both super stylish as well as entirely functional.

Get instructions at: inspiredbycharm.com

3. Use a Lattice as a Holder

A great option for small apartment-sized locations with only a small wall between balconies. Simply use a small lattice and hang on your wall to create a mini garden.

4. Create Planter Holders

Using some old wooden crates, and a few nails, you can turn your wall into a mini plant museum. Express yourself even more by painting the crates in different colors.

5. Create an Iron Framework

While certainly a bit more challenging, this will work wonders in truly expressing the beauty of your plants in a way that is space-saving and eye-catching.

via: danspeicherphoto.pass.us

6. Use Tin Cans

Certainly an easier option than the iron framework, consider hanging some tin cans along your walls and filling them with plants. It’s an easy, cheap, and simple option that everyone can do.

7. Use Old Window Frames

A great way to give the appearance that your wall is simply an extension of your house, using old window frames can harken back to a simpler time while making use of your limited space.

8. Use Recycled Bicycle Parts

If you have some old bicycle parts, consider turning them into hangers for your plants and flowers. Both pieces and whole frames alike can work great.

via: decorsteals.com    itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com

9. Use Flower Pots

Outside of just holding your plants, flower pots, when halved, can work as excellent wall frames. Simply use some strong glue and you’ve to two separate plant hangers.

10.f Repurpose a File Organizer

If you have a file organizer, this can similarly work as an excellent holder for your plants. Simply connect to an outdoor wall and you instantly have the materials for a vertical garden.

Tutorial: inspiredbycharm.com

11. Use a Wall Planter Shelf

If you’re particularly creative, consider getting a few pieces of wood and creating a wall planter. For those that want to add an extra bit of flair, consider shaping it into that of a house.

12. Reuse Old Pallet Wood

Another affordable option with great potential, by getting ahold of a few pieces of old pallet wood, you can use that to display your plants. Depending on your skill and creativity, you could make this into various beautiful shapes and sizes.

via: 1001pallets.com

13. Use an Upcycled Pallet

Finally, an excellent option for many homes, simply paint and decorate a recycled pallet and hang a number of tiny planters along it. This will give your home a nice style while being very easy and affordable.