Recycled Plastic Bottle Flower Centerpiece

Are you bothered by the unimaginable amount of plastic this world disposes everyday? But, can’t you stop buying beverages in plastic bottles? If you answer yes to both, then we are in the same boat. And we are definitely, literally sinking in the sea of plastic we are creating. The cheap convenience plastic gives has created in us a habit that is very difficult to break. BUT, there is hope, Virginia!

While we, admittedly, add to the plastic pollution. We, and I hope you agree with me on this, can help in the prevention of explosion. How? Reuse, Repurpose, Reduce (invest in thermo bottles), Recycle (collect and drop those plastic bottles in your city’s designated recycle bins).

Here is a simple way to repurpose plastic bottles. An interesting way to add colour to your Thanksgiving table. Make three sets for balance. Quite a perky conversation piece, don’t you think?

Supplies You Will Need :

1 1-litre size plastic bottle
3 500-ml size plastic bottle (same brand as the 1 litre)
Heavy duty scissors
Craft clay in different colours
Glue gun with glue sticks


1. Begin by cutting the 500-ml plastic bottles all around, 4 inches from the bottle neck and keep the top half.
2. Do the same with the 1-liter plastic bottle. But cut 3 inches from the neck.

3. Then, cut the upper half of 500-ml plastic bottles in thin strips all the way to the neck. Bend and spread each strip outward.
4. Make tiny bits of balls from the coloured clays. Make the size of the balls small enough to not cause the thin strips of plastic to droop, but rather bounce with the strip.
5. Stick the coloured clay balls, using your glue gun, on each end of the strip. Alternate colour sequence to create a kaleidoscope of colours. Repeat this process on all 500-ml plastic bottles.

6. Create a layering of the three 500-ml bottles by attaching them together. First, apply glue on the neck of the first 500-ml bottle and attach to the second 500-ml bottle. Apply glue to the neck of this two-layer bottle and attach to the third 500-ml bottle.
7. Glue this 3-layer bottle to the neck of the 1-liter bottle, which will serve as the base of this art piece.