How to Make a Magical Revolving Lantern

In this article we will teach you how to build magic lamps that move without electricity. And you will only need two glasses, some wire and a candle!

Materials needed:

Glass or small glass jar (do not use plastic to avoid bad smells and toxic fumes)

Paper cups (you can buy them in colors).

Small candle

Aluminum wire



Step 1: Prepare the base for the candle

For this craft we will need a cup (paper or glass) as a base for the candle and another as a lampshade.

If we use a paper cup for the candle, we can cut out a small window on the side to place and extract the candle comfortably, in addition to having space to facilitate breathing and keep the flame burning. If it is made of glass, it will not be possible, but it is not essential.

Step 2. Build the skeleton of the lamp

In order for the lampshade to stay in position, we will need to build an internal skeleton with the aluminum wire. With several aluminum threads we will make a vertical trunk and we will fold them in half towards the sides as if they were several legs (make three or four legs). We will hook these side legs to the lower cup, which will serve as the base for the candle. Since the wire is moldable, hook it to the lower cup as best fits.

Step 3. Build the lampshade

To make the lampshade we will use a paper cup. It will be made of paper so that the heat does not melt it (that’s why we don’t use a plastic cup) and so that it isn’t too heavy and can make its magic (that’s why we don’t use a glass one).

While you keep the upper circle (where we drink) and the lower one (the base of the glass) intact, make decorative cuts on the other faces of the glass, both at the base and on the sides. You don’t need to do it on both sides at the same time. Cut it out like blades.

And you already have your magic lamp. Since the skeleton has only a vertical trunk (it is not tied to the upper glass), the heat emitted by the candle will rise up through the holes you have created in the upper glass and it will begin to spin around. Turn off the lights and watch your magic candles spin!