Best 15 Decorating Ideas for Your Enclosed Balcony

Enclosed balconies are an excellent addition to any home and they give you a bright, sunny, outdoor space, without actually being outside. Bonus, you can use them to enjoy a rainy day without getting soaked down to the bone. Or enjoy the night sky without the bugs. As wonderful as these spaces are, sometimes it can be tricky to decide how to decorate them. Here are 15 design ideas to spruce up your enclosed balcony.

Sleek and Stylish Green Space

Adding roman blinds to your windows offers privacy without all the frills of curtains and tile floors make for a sleek appearance and easy cleaning. Enclosed balconies are the perfect spot for house plants, and they give a pop of color and life to your stylish space.


Create A Cozy Cottage Nook

Add a soft rug and a plush chair, maybe a throw pillow or two, to give the space a warm and homey feel. Make sure to get a small accent table to set your books and coffee on while you enjoy the morning sunshine.


Make It Your Home Office

With so many of us working from home these days what better spot to spend your afternoons? Not only does this give you a dedicated workspace, but it also offers the best views in the house during your screen breaks.


Get Yourself a Hanging Chair

Some balconies, especially those on apartments, are too small to add much furniture. If you are working with a small space, consider getting a swing or hammock chair. These chairs are so comfy, and they add character to your little nook.

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Extra Living Room?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some balconies are too large for just a chair and a small table. If you are lucky enough to have a large enclosed balcony, make it into an entire outdoor living room.


Create a Mini-Yard

Adding fake grass and some plants to your enclosed balcony will make it a true outdoor space inside. This also gives the kids a great place to play “outside” on cold and dreary days.


Bright Breakfast Nook

Bring in a small table and seating to give yourself a cheery spot to enjoy your breakfast. Adding a splash of bright color, either on the wall or in decorations will make this a space you look forward to spending your mornings.


Clean and Classic

A brick wall (wallpaper will work nicely if you don’t have an actual brick wall) and a simple white bench will make this space feel homey and classic. Set out a few potted plants or flowers to bring the space together.


Everyone Needs a Reading Nook

Build a raised platform in one corner of your balcony and cover it with soft blankets and throw pillows. This gives you the perfect spot to lounge and enjoy a book, or take a nap in the sunshine.


Add Built-In Benches

Building some benches to add to your space has several benefits. Not only is this a way you can tailor your seating to your space, but benches can also double as storage. Fun and functional.

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Creative Corner

Another great use of a small balcony is to designate it a creative space. Add an easel or hang a chalkboard on the wall and let the kids make their creative messes out there.


Perfect Mini-Bar

An enclosed balcony makes a great spot to set up that mini-bar you’ve been wanting without sacrificing space in your kitchen or dining room. Not a big drinker? This could also be done as a coffee or tea bar.

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Tiny Library

If your balcony is located off a bedroom or the living room it is a great space to add some bookshelves and make a designated library space. If you have room, add a comfy chair to complete the space.