DIY Pineapple Honeycomb Craft

Materials needed:

  • 25 rectangles of yellow paper half a span wide and one span tall, approximately
  • 4 rectangles of green paper, same size as yellow papers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape


Step 1. Cut out the yellow paper

Fold the rectangle in two halves, vertically. Cut the folded paper into the shape of the letter “D”. Now when you open it, it should be in the form of the number “0”. Do the same with the other 24 yellow paper rectangles.

Step 2. Glue them together

You will need to glue three horizontal lines of glue, or double-sided tape, to the right half of the yellow oval (on both sides).

When you fold it again, you should have glue on the top side and, when you open it, on the right side. Close the oval so that it is in the shape of a D and let both sides stick together.

Do the same with the other 25 pieces of yellow paper. And now glue them on top of each other. Since they will only be hooked by the horizontal stripes, it will have that visual honeycomb effect.

Once you have the 25 pieces glued on top of each other, you can stretch them and glue the first and last pieces.

Step 3. Make the leaves with the green paper

Fold the green paper vertically, as you did with the yellow ones. With a pencil, trace the shape that the pineapple leaves will have: keep in mind that they are usually spiky in shape.

Do the same with the other four pieces of green paper. Cut them all out and glue them together. This time, you just need to glue the fold.

See the video tutorial:

Finally, fit it on top of the pineapple!