21 Best DIY Halloween Entrance Ideas

With September about to end and October right at the corner, most of us are already considering what to do for Halloween ! This fun celebration offers a needed break from work where we can have fun with our children, decorate our house, put on a costume and just have fun for a night doing crazy stuff like handing out candy.

If you have a big house and like to make a big deal out of Halloween, one of the best ways to show it is your entrance: you can decorate so many ways ! And, to add a little extra personal touch, why not try some of this diy halloween entrance ideas?

While small decorations in your entrance are also nice, going all out and creating big and bold decorations that take up a lot of room will not only be a great project for the afternoon, but it will also catch everybody’s eyes, ensuring you get more trick or treaters.

Not only that, but your Halloween decorations will be the talk of the neighbourhood as well ! If that’s your goal, DIY is always the best !

1. Build your own skull archway with some PVC pipes, chicken wire and creepy small skulls | Tutorial: ladygoats.com

2. Build a arch leading to your garden in the form of a witch’s hat:

3. Zombie Arm Pathway:

4. Make a spooky entrance out of pallets and decorate it with spider web and ghosty skulls | Source

5. Create a spooky entrance by cutting up black trash bags into thin pieces | via: throwtheparty.blogspot.com

6. Add a large entryway feature to your home haunt graveyard | via: halloweenforum.com

7. The eerie ensemble of skeletal squires makes guests wonder what kept their dates | via: bhg.com

8. Spider Web Arch | via: homedesigninspired.com

9. Create an archway of tangled vines/roots over a pvc framework | Tutorial: Oak Lane Cemetery

10. Add a spooky touch to your entrance this Halloween with billowing, tattered draperies made from budget-friendly cheesecloth | Tutorial: hgtv.com

11. Entranceway out of cardboard | Tutorial: homestead.com

12. Plastic Pumpkin Arch Entry Way | via: craftymorning.com

13. Bridge or walkway for Halloween yard haunt, spider webs all around it:

14. A big spider hanging over the front entrance | via: theghostess.com

15. Tower of Terrifying Pumpkins Entrance | via: Woohome.com

16. Cemetery Entrance made out of foam insulation and a wood frame:

17. Halloween Spider Web for Front Porch:

18. Hanging hat and broom in the entryway of the witch’s lair | via: atticgals.blogspot.com

19. Coffin Ideas for Entrance Way | via: parr.com

20. Spiderweb cocoon skeletons entrance | via: buycostumes.com

21. Use some old cardboard boxes to transform your entryway to your home into a creepy cemetery entrance: