17 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor With Patterns

When we have to decorate a house, the first thing we think about is the interior. What furniture to put, type of floor to place, or the best paint for the walls. And so we are arranging our home to be the ideal one. But the exterior of your home is also part of the house. Gardens and patios also need a custom decoration, or else they would contrast with the house itself. Far from going to the simple thing of laying a smooth lawn, if you want the exterior of your house to look just as incredible as the interior, the best option is the patterns. They can be geometric patterns or mosaics, among many other options. The important thing is they improve the impression that the garden causes. For this and for you to enjoy the exterior of your home like never before, here we show you 15 ideas with patterns to improve your yard appearance.

1. Landscape your lawn with flagstones

This idea is good for those who already have a lawn in place and don’t want to spoil or remove it. It consists of placing designs with the tiles on the lawn itself. The pattern can be plaid, striped, or more irregular designs. The combination of the green of the grass and the gray tones of the stone give the floor a modern and classy touch.

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2. Install a Fountain

Fountains and birdbaths are a great addition to a larger garden. They can be placed in a central position or attached to a wall. In this case, it’s recommended to incorporate a tile pattern to that wall to highlight the fountain itself.

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3. Use ornate iron furniture

Furniture made of iron is very heavy. They are designed to be set in a more or less fixed position, which is why the exterior of the house is the best place. It prevents damage to the interior floor, and it’s harder to steal them. It’s advisable to put this furniture on a hard floor. On the lawn, they could sag from the weight.

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4.Utilize wood to decorate the walls

The contrast of the wood with lighter walls improves the appearance of these designs. It’s designed for more closed and small exteriors, where it’s better to give less prominence to the vegetation.

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5.Mosaic patterns to color the backyard

Mosaics have been used since ancient times. The combination of many small pieces of similar colors, placed in a pattern, gives light and color to the walls. With proper lighting, they can also provide a show of reflections and sparkles on the mosaic.

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6: Build a spiral stone patio floor

Older than mosaics is the spiral. We find it in prehistoric art and nature itself, in the shells and horns of some animals. It’s a figure with many representations and symbolism. Placing it as a pattern on the floor of our patio will give a mystical touch to the area. It also offers the option of placing some other decorative element in the center, like a small fire or a fountain.

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7.Use the vines to your advantage

With the help of wire and hooks to hold these cables, we can grow vines that climb the wire. In this way, when it’s fully grown, the pattern that we drew with the cable will have been surrounded by the vine, giving rise to vegetal shapes that seem to be supporting themselves.

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8.Use trellises to decorate and grow plants

Trellises are an inexpensive and diverse option to decorate your exterior. Also, they allow you to use them in different ways. Either as a simple decorative object for the wall or as a method to grow vines, combining the natural and the artificial.

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9.Use printed fabrics for cushions

Although cushions with monochrome covers are also pretty, the different colors and patterns that printed fabrics offer to go beyond ordinary fabric. If these fabrics are going to stay outside overnight, it is preferable to protect the fabric with something waterproof. Otherwise, it will absorb moisture and damage the fibers.

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10. Place a rug

A rug that matches the outdoors and surrounding furniture is ideal for a porch or deck. To lay the carpet, the floor must be smooth and dry. On wet floors it will absorb water; on rough floors, there will be folds in the carpet that will worsen the aesthetics.

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11. get a Laser cut privacy screen

The advantage that the laser offers in these panels is the amount of detail that it shows and the quality of the cut, all this cheaper than done in a traditional way. You have to choose the design and color according to the aesthetics of the home.

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12.Use tiles to cover the stair risers

The tiles give much play, especially in interior patios or stairs, as in this case. When covering stair risers with tiles, it’s better to make each step of a different type of slab, otherwise, people could get confused and fall when climbing.

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14.use a patterned pergola

The pergola, like the trellises, allows the union of artificial elements with the vegetation. To that, we add the artistic element provided by the pattern made by the wood. A good way to incorporate a pergola is to use it as a “roof” for a small terrace, in this way, it allows enough light to pass through to be illuminated.

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16.Design a pattered walkway

For smaller exteriors, it can be used to indicate the path to the house or to go to some part of the garden without having to step on the vegetation. Luckily, these walkways have thousands of designs. From making patterns with pebbles to more geometric shapes from slabs.

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17.Paint your own design over the floor

To do this, we need a smooth floor, a template with our decorative motif, and paint. It’s as simple as placing the stencil and paint over it. When drying, a decorative pattern will be obtained that, unlike the rest of the floors, is made on a single piece. In addition, the decorative motif is chosen by us from a large selection.

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