10 Great Shared Room Storage Ideas for Your Kids

While initially, they don’t need much, kids, like us, love to acquire stuff. From toys, dolls, and action figures to iPads, video game consoles, and televisions, as your child gets older, space and storage will become more and more of an issue.

If your kids have a shared room, this effect becomes even worse as suddenly one thing you got for Timmy is now in Billy’s space or Violet’s toy is now on Emily’s side of the bed. It can get pretty crazy.

Thankfully there is a solution that doesn’t include adding more space (or subtracting one child). By simply coming up with some storage design strategies for their room, you can solve many of these issues while instilling in them feelings of neatness and the importance of having an orderly space.

Here, we’ve come up with 10 amazing ideas you can consider for their rooms so that they are always clean, tidy, and free of clutter.

1. Add Storage Shelves for Bunk Beds

If your kids are using a bunk bed, consider adding a few shelves along either one’s walls. This way they not only have their own storage for things, but it’s personalized in their specific area rather than a communal chest.

2.Create a Wide Platform with Storage Drawers

If you are particularly handy, consider creating a platform for them to sleep on. This will not only look super cool, but you can add storage drawers underneath as well.

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3.Build a Storage Cabinet between the Beds

You can do this in a number of different ways, but one of the most visually appealing is by creating little nooks for each bed with their storage cabinet sitting in between.

4.Give each bed a Wardrobe

A bit more on the nose than the other options but still just as good. By adding a pair of dedicated wardrobes next to either bed, you greatly increase the amount of storage either child has, especially if you’ve already implemented some of the other ideas already.

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5. Create a Corner Storage

If their room isn’t all that large in size overall, consider adding a corner storage section for them to combine their items. It can be just a shelf or a number of shelves and a cabinet as well.

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6. Install a Shelf above their Nightstand

Another great method is by installing a shelf above their shared nightstand. This way they know instantly where any items they want are and get at them immediately.


7.Install a Shelf above either Bed

Similar overall to #6 but with a greater sense of personalization. Rather than one large shelf, consider two smaller shelves above each individual bed. That way they won’t have to share.

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8.Make a Storage Shelf Headboard

A great way to maximize space, by adding a headboard between their beds, you can transform it into a storage shelf that they can both reach up and grab whenever they want.

9.Make Individual Storage Shelf Headboards

If you have a large enough room, consider following #8’s idea but giving each child their own. Again, what makes this different from the other is the amount of space allowed. This idea requires more space than #8 but gives each child their own exclusive shelf.

10.Add a Shelf under the Top Bunk

Finally, a tried and true one you’ve probably seen before. By turning the bottom bunk of a bunk bed perpendicular, you can transform that open space into a separate storage unit. Not only does it add space for their stuff, but they will feel cool and unique for not having a “standard” bunk bed setup.

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