Yummy Salted Egg Yolk Pastries

If you have never tried salted egg pastries, you are missing out! Here is a simple recipe to make these yummy treats to enjoy during the festival (or any time of the year actually!).

Ingredients Required

There are a number of different elements to this dish, even though it is simple to make, so it has been broken down into the different steps:

To make a big pastry dough you will need:

160g Flour
12g Sugar
1.2g Salt
55g Oil
62g Water

To make filling:
Salted egg yolks
Sweet red bean paste

Prepare The Salted Egg Yolks
Step 1: Coat the salted egg yolks with oil and bake them in an oven for 10 minutes at 160 degrees centigrade. After this step, encase every egg yolk with sweet red bean paste.

Getting Started With The Outer Covering

Step 2: Add all the ingredients for the big pastry dough into a bowl and mix together until you have a smooth dough. Roll it into a ball.
Step 3: Divide the smooth pastry dough into smaller balls of about 36g each (this makes about 8) and cover with clingfilm to let it rest whilst you get on with the next step.

How to make small dough in 5 different colors:

Step 4: Add all the ingredients for the dough into a bowl and mix together until you have a smooth dough. Roll it into a ball. We are making different colored dough balls. Do this for each of the different colored.
Step 5: Divide each color into smaller balls of dough of 4.5g each. At the end of this process you should have 40 small different colored dough balls.

To make small doughs in 5 colors:

22.5g low-gluten flour
12g oil

19g low-gluten flour
12g oil
5g purple sweet potato flour

24g low-gluten flour
12g oil
0.7g Red velvet

20.5g low-gluten flour
12g oil
3.5g Pumpkin powder

22.5g low-gluten flour
12g oil
1.5g Matcha powder

Putting It Together

Step 6: Take one of the larger pastry dough balls and roll flat into an oval shape.
Take one of each of the different colored dough balls and place side by side in the center of the pastry case.
Pull the edges of the outer pastry case together and pinch along the whole edge so the smaller colored balls inside are completely encased.
Flatten the pastry and roll out again. You will be able to see the colored balls inside slightly.
Make the pastry into a rough square shape and roll up.
Make sure the edge is completely sealed and flatten it with the seam upwards. Roll it out again. You will be able to see the colors in a striped pattern.
Cut the top edge of the pastry and roll lengthways.
Cut in half and you will be able to see the striations of the colored dough inside.
Flatten each half and roll out again into a rough circle making sure it is large enough to completely encase your egg yolk.
Take a baked egg yolk and add to the pastry casing. Wrap the egg yolk firmly all the way around, so it is completely covered and is a ball shape. Do this for all of the egg yolks.

Wrapping Up

Step 7: Add all the balls onto a greaseproof tray and bake for 30-40 minutes at 170 degrees centigrade until crisp.