17 Creepy Last-Minute Kitchen Decor Ideas for Halloween

Nothing says “Halloween” quite like an amalgam of truly eerie decor that makes you and your guests feel at home on this special holiday while simultaneously peeking around corners in frightened anticipation. Halloween, lest we forget, is about more than creepy thrills – it’s about sharing the kind of great food with friends and family with the kind of fresh and comforting autumn produce that only comes around once a year. Why not combine the two to crate the perfect invocation of the Halloween experience within your own kitchen? After all, what better way is there to serve an oven-baked pumpkin pie than under the lights of jack-o-lanterns with a skeletal assistant and a fleet of bats to help out?

You wonder, “How can I decorate my kitchen for Halloween so my guests can feel that comforting, delightful, and creepy sense of forebodingness?” Enter if ye dare upon these 17 Halloween kitchen decor ideas.

1. Sacrifice a towel to create spooky patterns.

Source: thegraphicsfairy.com

Source: thedesigndaredevil.com

Indeed, towels hold many qualities that enable them to spook your guests when they make the fatal (figuratively) decision to wipe their hands. Having a rag custom printed with the silhouette of a witch and her bat companion above text that reads “keep calm and ride on” will provide homage to the Halloween spirit.

You may also opt to adorn towels with bloody hand stains, so that your guests may ponder the fact that maybe you have some dark, poorly covered secrets. Tip: don’t use real blood. That’s just dangerous.

2. Decorate appliances with plastic spiders

It might seem corny, but there’s still fun to be had in making your friends with arachnophobia blurt out for a second before realizing how clever you are.  Tutorial: thatswhatchesaid.net   and   hgtv.com

3. Bring the Halloween spirit to the tops of kitchen cabinets

Halloween aside, the tops of kitchen cabinets are one of the scariest places in your home. What’s up there? You don’t know! By adorning your kitchen cabinets with a fine set of fake crows in a roost, an arsenal of witch hats, and bottles of the reddest wine imaginable, you convey the true nature of that dark place.  Tutorial for center idea: theghostess.com

4. Decorate the Countertop hand-painted wooden spoons in jars

Bring the fright to the table with the likenesses of Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns painted upon wooden spoons.

5. Create sheets of mysterious fog flowing from your sink with dry ice

It’s witchcraft! No, it’s science – don’t tell anyone. Educate yourself on how to handle dry ice safely before proceeding.

7. Add floating witch hats with the help of fishing lines

Nothing says mystery quite like levitating witch hats in your kitchen.  Tutorial: polkadotchair.com

8. Add a coat of (removable) orange to your fridge

Now you have the perfect canvas for cobwebs and construction paper bats and spiders.

9. Change the look of your cabinet doors

Large flat surfaces like these are perfect for bloody handprints and ghosts.  Tutorial for bottom idea: justhollyann.com

10. A skeleton working in your kitchen

You need someone to help with the dishes.  Source: halloweenforum.com

12. Black bats hanging from the kitchen ceiling

Give your guests the impression they’re in a cave. Dim the lights while you’re at it.  Tutorial: summerkitcheninteriors.blogspot.com

Source: kropyok.com

13. Add a crow and/or witch decal to your kitchen windows

No looking outside to escape the dread inside in this house.

14. Place a (fake) bound body on the kitchen to terrify guests

Source: instructables.com

15. Turn lamps into ghosts with white sheets, sticky felt, dark eyes, and a mouth

Kitchen lighting powered by undead energy.

16. Turn a white fridge into a ghost with black foam magnets

Make guests think twice before grabbing another beer.  Source: jeanscraftycorner.blogspot.com

17. Finally, garnish with black tattered curtains made of crepe paper for authentic Halloween flavor

Serve with an eerie black-and-white portrait.  Source: sewwoodsy.com