10 Outdoor Stair Designs to Make Your Home Stand Out

Though they can often be seen as a simple structural aspect to your home, stairs and stairways often give an added sense of character and appeal that can effectively turn your house into a home. And while this is often seen in indoor stairwells, it can be just as compelling for outdoor stairs as well.

In this brief list, we’ve found 10 ways you can turn your outdoor staircase into a design that greatly boosts its overall curb appeal and make your home a place you are genuinely excited to enter into.

1. Create a Mosiac on Worn Staircases

If your staircase has begun to wear out over the years, rather than simply having it taken apart or renewed, consider painting a design or mosaic over it. This will give it an added level of character and appeal, making it wholly unique to you.

2. Add Rocks to a Wooden Staircase

For those with a wooden staircase, flanking the sides with various rocks and pebbles will instantly give a normally bland standard staircase some much-needed interest. Particularly if you in a forested area, stones greatly complement wood making the two go together perfectly.

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3. Add Stair Lights

Just by adding some stair lights under the boards of your staircase, you can instantly create a charming and safe visual whenever coming home at night.

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4. Grow Vines and Plants over Brick Stairs

Nothing says garden and aged elegance like a mildly forested brick staircase. It often acts as a true balance of civilization and nature, giving your home a vibrant yet refined appearance.

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5. Add Planter Boxes to Wide Risers

For Wide Share Riser Staircases, consider adorning it with planter boxes. This is great for more modernized and contemporary homes by giving it a bit of nature and greenery.

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6. Consider Landscape Lighting for Marble Stairs

Marble stairs are always a sight to behold just on their own. By adding some landscape lighting to them, they instantly make them compelling even in the dead of night.

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7. Create Wide Deck-Like Stairs on Weathered Ones

Make sure you see an expert or specialist for this. By adding some wood wide deck stairs, you can instantly turn your worn-out staircase into the foundation for an even more amazing iteration.

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8. Add Wood Flower Boxes to Wooden Staircases

If you add a few wood flower boxes to the sides of your wooden staircase, you can immediately turn it into a vibrant and colorful aesthetic experience.

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9. Add Plants and Stones to your Stone Step Staircase

By placing some plants and stones around the sides of your stone staircase, you can almost turn back the clock and go back in time to an age where your land was originally a forest. This is great for those that love a nature-filled appearance.

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10. Use Cattle Troughs into a Layered Staircase

With a few cattle troughs and a bit of cement, you can fashion your own stairway directly into your home. Be sure to consult with an expert before attempting this, however.

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