How to Dye Natural Leaves for Crafts

In this article we will teach you how to discolor natural tree leaves and then dye them with the colors of your choice. With them you can make numerous crafts, especially collages and paintings, as well as decoration for the house.

Materials needed

– Tree leaves (preferably green, not dry from autumn)
– Paint (dye) and brush
– Toothbrush
– Saucepan, spoon and kitchen clamps
– Washing powder
– Bottled water
– A bowl
– Kitchen blotting paper
– Cardboard (optional, we recommend black for a more impressive effect)


Step 1. Prepare the leaves

To prepare the leaves, the first step you should do is clean them. Then prepare bottled water and washing powder in a saucepan and put it on the fire. Place the cleaned leaves inside and cook it in boiling water for approximately twenty minutes.

Step 2. Discolor the leaves

When the twenty minutes are up, remove the leaves from the pot with kitchen clamps. Put them in fresh water that you will have prepared in a separate bowl. Leave them the longer the better. The change in temperature will make the task easier.

After a while, remove the leaves from the bowl and place them on a flat surface. With an old toothbrush begin to brush the leaf. So that the leaf does not break, hold the twig with a finger and brush from the center outwards with the toothbrush; from the twig to the tip.
Do it on both sides and then soak it again in the bowl of water. You should have a nearly transparent leaf.

Step 3. Dye them

Once you remove it from the bowl of water, place it between kitchen blotting paper so that it absorbs all the excess water. Then paint it with your paint or dye.

Once dyed, dry it again between two absorbent papers. And then, dip it back into the bowl of water (you can use several bowls of water for the different steps, so that no colors get mixed). After you dunk it the last time, dry it with blotting paper again.

And with this we would have dyed leaves. The result that will remain will be very transparent leaves with light colors. To better appreciate the colors, you can place them on black backgrounds to make them stand out (in a collage on black cardboard) or make bowls with them. Now you can make the craft you want with natural colored leaves!