Try Cutest DIY Mushroom Craft For Thanksgiving

Do you have any egg cartons left from last week’s grind? Don’t throw it just yet because today, we are going to make DIY mushroom craft out of those cartons for thanksgiving! Instead of throwing this stuff, why not make a good decor out of it, right?

To complete the project, here is a list of the materials you need:

1. Black colored paper or ⅛ Illustration Board
2. Scissors
3. Pencil
4. Round plate (optional)
5. Egg cartons
6. Acrylic in green, yellow, and white (for grass, flowers, and mushroom stalk/stem)
7. Acrylic ideally in pink, orange, and blue
8. Old/new toothbrush
9. Clear hot melt glue


● Step 1: Get your black colored paper or illustration board. With a pencil and a round plate (optional), draw a regular circle on your board and cut it out.

● Step 2: Now, it’s time to get your egg carton and cut three (3) round shaped cups from it. After that, cut the cups in half, so you now have six (6) pieces of curtailed cups. However, you will only need five for this project. Make sure to cut them nicely.

● Step 3: Then, you need to stretch your hands and fingers because you are about to do some painting! What you need to do is to paint five (5) basic grass and stem for your mushrooms. Make sure that each grass is separated and has enough space for the mushroom caps.

● Step 4: After this process, put some hot melt glue in each egg carton and paste them on the board. They must look like mushroom caps attached in a painted grass and stem.

● Step 5: Paint your mushroom caps. You can use blue, pink, and orange acrylic paints in doing so. After this, you can add little designs like painting white dots on each of the caps, and yellow dots on the grass.

See? With only a few materials, you can now try this DIY mushroom craft for thanksgiving!