Create a Spooky Spider-Web Hairstyle for Halloween

Spiderweb Halloween Hairstyle: No Halloween Costume Needed
The Spiderweb Halloween hairstyle is simple, fast, budget-friendly, and outstanding that does not need a Halloween costume. This hairstyle replicates real-life spiderweb which gives the cute creeps whoever sees it. It works better for girls with medium hair length. If the hair is a little bit tangled, try to apply a little bit of leave-on conditioner to moisturize the hair.
If you are ready to weave, gather the tools to get you started!
How to Make the Halloween Hairstyle


  • Comb
  • Hair Clips
  • Elastic hair rubber bands
  • White Elastic cord


Step 1. First, comb the hair repeatedly to straighten it out. Using the end tip of the comb, divide the hair into 10 equal segments. Use the hair clips to hold it temporarily. The scalp should look like a sliced pizza into parts.

To create neat segments, start stroking a line from the center of the head then outwards. The center of the head should be the apex of all the triangles.

Step 2. Remove the hair clips and tie a high ponytail in each segment with an elastic hair rubber band. The ponytails should be upright rather than drooping low. This will give an embossed look of the spiderweb on the head later.

Step 3. Next, tie the elastic cord to one of the hair ponytails. Hold the next ponytail in an upper diagonal position then hang and wrap the cord around it. Do this for the rest of the ponytails until it reaches a full circle. When a full circle is formed, tie the end of the cord on the ponytail to lock.

Cut the end of the cord then start again on the next level. These circles will be the spiderweb in the hairstyle. Do not hang too loosely so that the hairstyle will stand upright.

Step 4. Continue doing this until you reach the tip of the ponytails. It should take about 5 five rounds to get a realistic look at the spiderweb.

And you’re done! You have successfully created a spooky, adorable Halloween hairstyle perfect without needing an expensive costume! Have a Happy Halloween!