24 Best Thanksgiving Kid Craft Ideas

For some people Thanksgiving is the best time of year. Not only because it gives everyone an opportunity to give blessings for everything they have in life, but also because it is the perfect time to teach children the value of gratitude. This can be expressed through creativity. Here we have some great Thanksgiving kid craft ideas that you can do together with your child or children. They will love to be involved and when you hang them around your home or give as Thanksgiving presents, they will be thrilled. Everyone loves getting messy with sticking and glueing and the crafts are so much fun and very easy to make, you will all have a lovely time indoors when the weather has become too cold for outdoor activities. All of the crafts require items you will probably already have in your crafting box or area, but you may have to purchase some items (especially sweeties!), but all item are inexpensive so, let’s dive in and get crafting!

#1. Create this colorful hand turkey by drawing around your hands on any colored paper and then add just a few brightly colored feathers, googly eyes, and clothespins (for legs). Brilliant!

Source: katherinemariephotography.com

#2. If turkeys are your theme you can create one from gumdrops (see sweeties – kids will love this!). Just add any color combination gumdrops (you need large and small) to toothpicks and you will have yourself a funky turkey.

Tutorial: celesterockwood-jones.typepad.com

#3. Back to hand drawing again to create a positive gratitude wreath. You will need to get the children to write what they are grateful for and then glue the hands (and some green foliage) to a paper plate.

Source: domesticwonder.wordpress.com

#4. By using the same principle as the gratitude wreath, you can create a Thanksgiving or gratitude tree from newspaper (or colored paper) and brightly colored leaves.

Tutorial: digitalmomblog.com  Top image via: projectsforpreschoolers.com

Create an autumn scene with a tree that has dropped its leaves and allow children to write their gratitude message onto a leaf and affix to the bottom of the tree.

Source: bargainbound.blogspot.com

#5. More sweet things! Use Cheerios (or similar cereals) to create a colorful turkey from a simple latex glove. Googly eyes and a felt beak and feet complete it.

Tutorial: momitforward.com

#6. Children love sticking and gluing, so why not make an autumn Thanksgiving scene by sticking leaves from the outside onto your picture. Hours of fun for the little ones with this.

Tutorial: babycenter.com and bombshellbling.com

#7. Clothespins can be used for many different crafts, so why not paint them with bright colors, add googly eyes and create simple turkey tags.

Source: lets-get-together.com

#8. Before you throw away your paper grocery bag, consider using it for crafts. The children can draw on them to create wonderful Thanksgiving gifts, such as Scarecrows. Let your imagination run wild!

Source: youngschoolart.blogspot.com The bottom project tutorial here: sunshinewhispers.com

#9. Create the perfect Thanksgiving gift in the shape of corn. All you need is add (yes you guessed it!) sweeties to pretzel bags. Finish off by adding the tops of the corn created from empty paper grocery bags and add a tag with your handwritten message.

Tutorial: shakentogetherlife.com

#10. If guests are coming to you for Thanksgiving dinner, you can showcase your children’s talents by creating place cards. Made in the shapes of turkeys makes them very appealing.

Get the full tutorial here: funlittles.com

#11. If you have leftover paper plates, why not let your children create spectacular tepees?

Source: fantasticfunandlearning.com

#12. Kids just love hand printing, so why not let them add their feet into the mix too? Create an unique turkey onto any material (tee shirts are great) by using just hand prints and foot prints.

Source: hubpages.com

#13. Kids love party games, and you can create a great Thanksgiving party game. Just fold paper bags into the shape of a turkey and create small balls of paper for children to throw at it to knock it over. It’s a great variation on bowling.

Get full instruction here: kidfriendlythingstodo.com

#14. Hats are not just for going outside in the cold or for being festive at Christmas, you can make a fabulous turkey crown for Thanksgiving!

More details at: Top 32 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Crafts Kids Can Make

Or you can try this kind of turkey headband:

Tutorial: kidney-garden.blogspot.com

#15. Autumn leaves are such delightful colors and can be used for a variety of projects. Look at these superb foxes.

#16. Desserts are always welcome at Thanksgiving dinners, which is why these dirt cups in the form of tepees are perfect!

Check out the recipes here: icanteachmychild.com

#17. Papercrafts are perfect for any child. Why not have go at making boats from paper plates?

Tutorial for top project: uppityowl.blogspot.com Center: iheartcraftythings.com Bottom: familymaven.io

#18. Let’s not forget to be thanks for our pets and other animals. This super plate craft shows how you can make something cute.

#19. Thanksgiving trees are a favorite with children. If you have a school or a community group, why not get the children involved in making a Thanksgiving tree. Help them write what they are grateful for on their handprints and glue to a tree.

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda.com

#20. If your children love to draw, let them put their skills to the test with this pilgrim decoration craft. It’s only made from paper plates and paper but is so effective!

Tutorial: allkidsnetwork.com

#21. To keep a permanent reminder of your child’s handprint, (or to make placemats for Thanksgiving dinner), allow them to make a handprints onto a square of hessian and create it into a festive decoration.

Tutorial: meaningfulmama.com

#22. Easily create a pumpkin from filter used in your fresh coffee pot. You can use different oranges and browns and make a tie dye effect.

Tutorial: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

#23. Decorate corn shaped card with different colored paint applied with pencil erasers.

Tutorial at: fantasticfunandlearning.com

#24. Or perhaps use a fork dipped in the different colored paints to make a cute turkey plate.

Tutorial: iheartartsncrafts.com