21 Ideas of Stepping Stones and Path Combos for Your Garden

Gardens are an essential part of our homes. We must take care of them and decorate them with the same care with which we do it in the interiors: put good lighting, have good quality and elegant furniture, and use pots and beautiful plants to decorate. All of that allows us to enjoy our moments in the garden. And, although it may seem a triviality, the paths are an important element of our gardens that we must take care of and decorate with the same care with which we decorate everything else. Paths are not only a useful element of our garden but also a decorative one. Stepping stone and pathway combos are a way to combine different techniques, elements, and decorations to decorate these spaces in the garden.

So in this article, you will find 21 different ideas of stepping stone and path combos with which you can turn your garden paths into something unique, special, and precious.

#1. Make a path of long, horizontal stones placed unevenly on a gravel floor.

#2. You can make a brick path and decorate the center with cement figures (hearts, for example)

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#3. On a stone path lined with bushes, use horizontal pieces of wood to walk over them:

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#4. You can use square pieces made of stone laid out in the shape of a winding path on the grass or floors made of other elements such as pebbles:

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#5. You can also use bright colored irregular stones randomly placed within the shape of the path you want to achieve:

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#6. Make a path out of large river rocks and intermix figures made with cement that will also serve as part of the path. You can use leaf molds or other shapes to make the decorative figures

#7. On a pebble path surrounded by grass, place square pallets or pieces of wood for walking on:

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#8. Or you can use red bricks on stone and pebble floors, the contrast of colors will be very striking: you can create very unique patterns

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#9. If you want to use stepping stones to mark the path but you do not know what to fill the gaps in between, you can use recycled colored glass or shattered colored cement to fill the hollow spaces of the path. Using blue colors, for example, will give the feeling that it is a moving river:

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#10. You can also use dark pebbles or dark shattered gravel to contrast with the light elements in your path. Dark colors will work well with simple straight-sided shapes (for example, white square stones on brown or black pebbles):

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#11. If you have irregularly shaped stepping stones, you can also fill in the gaps by planting colorful fast-growing grass or moss to give your garden a more magical look:

#12. Or you can use colorful mosaic tiles with distinctive prints and patterns framed in red brick. You can also create your own stone stamped designs:

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#13. You can choose to make your own figures with cement and place them along the entire path, without the need for any other contrasting element:

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#14. Or you can also use wooden discs placed strategically or randomly depending on whether you want to create patterns or simply define the path through your garden:

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And so far our 21 ideas for using stepping stones and path combos in your garden: you can be creative and mix concepts to get unique and characteristic patterns so that your garden is the most spectacular in the neighborhood.