22 DIY Awesome and Inviting Outdoor Furniture Projects

While you might strive to make your interior decor the coziest and most welcoming it can be, sometimes occasions best spent outdoors surrounded with natural ambiance and moonlight pop up. From family sports to barbeques to meteor showers, there are certainly a plethora of activities that request your backyard patio to be turned into the soul of the party. Understandably though, you and/or your guests are going to want somewhere to sit, relax, and set their drinks – for these pertinent purposes, a little bit of DIY outdoor furniture is at standby waiting to fulfill that crucial role. When generic store-bought furniture just doesn’t cut it, look no further than these creative and engaging projects that give your patio or backyard the character and utility it has been craving all this time.

1. DIY Pallet Coffee Tables

The term “coffee” table is a placeholder for anything from a cup of java to a sweet tea dispenser. With the right shade of exterior paint and cedar planks, you can easily impart something equally elegant and casual to your backyard.

Instructions: southernrevivals.com

2. Outdoor Bars and Shelves

For anything you might be storing (ahem, “elixirs”) a set of old pallets is easily recomposed into a highly practical storage solution.

Source: facebook.com

3. Pallet Outdoor Sofa

For the third time in a row, pallets make for an astonishingly versatile material that is as universal as it is affordable.

Instructions: funkyjunkinteriors.net

4. Industrial Wood and Steel Console

For a mobile storage solution that resembles what the waitstaff of high-class outdoor dining areas use, look no further.

Instructions: jenwoodhouse.com

5. Reclaimed Wood X-Stool or Table

Not only is this pattern incredibly sturdy, but it’s a delight on the eyes. This easy piece of DIY furniture will last for years.

Instructions: ladygoats.com

6. Large Outdoor Dining Table

Sometimes the weather is just too nice to justify eating inside. For much less than buying a premade table, you’ll have adequate seating for ten.

Instructions: diywhyspendmore.blogspot.com

7. DIY Pergola

A perfect project for those who value traditional Mediterranean values – good food and company, that is.

Instructions: thecreatedhome.com

8. All Wood Patio Couch

With a basic set of power tools and some couch cushions from Ikea, you’ll end up with a remarkably sturdy and stylish outdoor couch.

Instructions: youtube.com

9. Barbeque Side Table

Every good backyard barbeque has delicious sides and some good alcohol. Obviously, you’ll need a place to put that stuff.

via: facebook.com

10. Convertible Outdoor Bench/Table

If space is limited, or you just want to show off your woodworking skills, then this can easily be your backyard MVP.

Instructions: handmade-haven.com

11. Outdoor Planter with Built-in Hose

Gardening doesn’t get easier than this, and now you have no excuse not to water your plants.

Instructions: diycandy.com

12. Headboard Porch Swing

Painted or stain, an old headboard makes an eclectic and functional place to leisurely swing the time away.

13. DIY Privacy Planter

Growing something you don’t want your neighbors to see? Even if you’re not, it’s just a good-looking planter with a built-in trellis for vining plants.

via: goodshomedesign.com

14. Turn an old king-sized bed into a king-sized bench for some serious guest accommodation.

Instructions: myrepurposedlife.com

16. Tahitian Style Reclining Chaise

If you want to feel like a king or queen but don’t have a royal-sized budget, here’s a comfortable and stylish DIY solution.

Instrucitons: buildsomething.com

17. Pallet Sofa on Wheels

It looks good, it’s practical, and it’s mobile. There isn’t much more you could ask from a piece of backyard furniture, except maybe the ability to make it yourself with accessible materials. Oh, wait.

via: facebook.com

18. Log Banquet Table

For large social gatherings and parties, this log banquet table imparts the rustic themes of the forests with a casual twist.

19. $5 Plant Stand – For the price of lunch at work, you can grow a variety of stunning and/or delicious plants.

Instructions: 100things2do.ca

21. Outdoor Cabana Lounge – Okay, we’re getting extra serious here. This DIY cabana is a perfect place to escape stress and find paradise in your own yard.

Instructions: thatsmyletter.blogspot.com

22. Balcony Railing Bar – You don’t even need a yard for this one, but you’ll get all of the benefits of natural lighting and an open ceiling with a place to put everything.

Video Tutorial for DIY Bar Top Ideas for Balcony