15 Ideas to Transform Your Home using Wood Screens

If you are looking for a way to give your place an elegant and stylish appearance while still granting you privacy and space, wood screens are an excellent choice to consider. These decorative items can greatly improve the visual beauty of your space while giving it a unique and interesting appearance.

Here, we’ve curated a list of 15 excellent ways to include wooden screens in your home to give it a look that is both super stylish and even more unique. Take a look!

1. A Vertical Garden

For those that have numerous potted plants in their home, you can use a wooden screen in any room to instantly transform it into a small garden.

2. Install along Basement Stairs

If you have an open set of stairs that lead down into a den or basement floor, installing a wooden screen can not only greatly add to the appearance of the location, but also give an extra bit of walking security as well.

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3. Hide your Utility Boxes

Completely cover your utility box with a wooden screen outside your home. This ensures that your home looks incredibly elegant without that annoying and unsightly meter jutting out from the side.

Be aware that you follow all regulations that deal with access and visibility for your utility box.

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4. Create A Sliding Cover for your Entertainment System

If you’ve got a tv and entertainment system, the best way to really “wow” your guests is for it to be covered and opened. An excellent method is with wooden screen doors. This is a more affordable option while still feeling just as regal.

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5. Conceal your Stairs

Similar to the basement stairs option, using a wooden screen for your staircase not only adds a layer of security but also gives it a stylish appearance as well.

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6. Create a Room Divider

If you don’t already have one, a wooden screen is an excellent option for making a room divider in the larger open spaces. This can properly make the distinction between the living room, dining room, and kitchen when before it may have all been one giant room.

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7. Set up the Perfect Awning

Just get a bit of weather-resistant wood for the screening and you can instantly turn an open backyard space into an amazing awning to relax under.

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8. A Great Privacy Fence

Depending on the size of the wall in your backyard, using wooden screens can be an exceptional garden fence that not only is incredibly stylish but also grants you security.

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9. Create a Screen Enclosure between your Shower and Bathtub

This is great for both adding a bit of division and segmentation in your bathroom. Not only that, but you can also use it as a great place to hang your towels.

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10. Perfect for Climbing Plants

If you’ve got various climbing plants outside that you want to grow out for a more natural look, setting up a wooden screen can do just the trick.

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11. A great option for providing Shade to a Corridor or Side Yard

A perfect way to avoid the bearing sun or elements throughout the year, putting together a wooden screen as a ceiling is a great idea that is certainly worth considering.

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12. Combine with Shelves for a Stylish Display Area

Forget using a standard wall or shelf, by adding a wood screen to an open area with some shelves, you can instantly stand out as someone with class that is instantly appealing.

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13. Create a Headboard for your Bed

Simply add a bit of paint and you can instantly create an amazing and unique setup for your bedroom.

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14. Personalize your Doors

Just consider using sliding wood screens, and you can have incredibly designed doors that instantly present your home as something of a true piece of beauty. I can assure you that you’re probably the only person in your neighborhood with doors this nice.

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15. Open your Home with Pivoting Wood Screens

Finally, the use of pivoting wood screens instantly turns an enclosed patio or living room into a part of the outdoors. This is excellent for those with a large yard, as you can, without even leaving your home, catch clean and fresh air and the outside energy.

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