How to Make Outdoor Lights with PVC Pipes

Outdoor lights are what we need for peaceful walks and silent nights. However, this is not an option for everyone since most outdoor lights are not that cheap. But what if I tell you that you can use some PVC pipes to make gleaming outdoor lamps for decks, walkways, and others?

Usually, a PVC pipe is used for irrigation systems and such. However, we can still reinvent these pipes if we only allow our creativity to loom around. In this case, a DIY PVC light is what we are about to discover. Aside from the cheap spend, you will get to have another skill that you can use and pass on to other people, even to the younger generations too. So if you want to pursue making outdoor lights with PVC pipes, then you need to unleash those skills and creativity!

Every DIY project requires certain items. In this matter, you will only need the few following tools and materials:

  1. 100mm PVC pipe
  2. PVC Pipe Stopper
  3. A PVC pipe cutting tool such as hacksaw or specialized PVC cutter
  4. PVC pipe “glue” – PVC solvent cement
  5. Electric drill
  6. Paint (use whatever color/s you prefer)
  7. Lights (can be small light bulbs or string lights, etc)


● Step 1 : For the first process, you need to collect your PVC pipes. After you collect them, use your PVC pipe cutter to adjust the pipes in your preferred PVC lamp size. If you don’t have any idea about the right measurement, you can try to cut your pipes 12-14 inches long. tips: A file and sandpaper or disc sander (or cement) if you used a hacksaw.

● Step 2 : Next, you need to use PVC solvent cement to permanently stick the PVC Pipe Stoppers in both the top and bottom part.

● Step 3 : The next process will require you to get your electric drill and make random holes around each pipe. Although you can drill wherever you want, be careful not to overdo this process. Avoid making holes that are too close with another and such.

● Step 4 : Then, what you need to do here is to grab your spray paint (you can use random colors) and paint your PVC pipes.

● Step 5 : For the final stage, assemble the lights and wirings for your pipes. Remember to put the lights in the top part inside to avoid leaks and be water resistant. After this, you can try to switch on the bulbs and see the fruit of your labor!

This DIY PVC light will surely help you in achieving that sophisticated outdoor light for your place. With few materials and creativity, you can now make new and exciting things happen!