Underwater World Treasure Hunt Game for Kids

This is a fun way to teach your kids how to draw and a very good way to encourage them to imagine, in colour. This project involves everything the kids want – the sea, drawing, colour, diving, swimming and tricks. Give them a free hand on the objects to draw and see how creative your kids are.

Drawing is one activity which knows no age. You can start your kids early with this activity. Just supervise them on the use of scissors though. But drawing has a lot of benefits for your kids. Aside from sensory enjoyment, without them knowing it, through drawing you are helping them enhance their motor skills, boost their emotional intelligence, learn early how to observe small details, practise concentration, and many more.

What a fun way to teach and learn!

Let’s start!

Materials You Will Need:

Clear Plastic Envelope or a big Ziplock bag
White Paper
Black cardboard
Coloured Pens, permanent markers or Sharpies


1. Prepare all materials before starting your activity.
2. Insert the white paper inside the clear plastic envelope. If the white paper is bigger than your plastic, cut it to the size of the plastic, so it will snugly fit inside without folds. The white paper will help you draw clearly over the clear plastic.
3. Over the plastic, sketch your underwater world scene (jellyfish, starfishes, fish, octopus, seaweeds, a diver, etc.) using a black pen.
4. After you draw the objects, assign colours and fill in your drawings. Make it a colourful underwater ocean scene.

5. After completing your drawing, remove the white paper background and replace it with the black cardboard.
6. The black cardboard will block out your drawing.
7. Now, here is where the trick comes in. Prepare to make your “diving flashlight” to help you see and move around your underwater scene.
8. On another white sheet of paper, draw a big flashlight with a wide light beam. Colour your flashlight in the colour you want but leave the light beam white.
9. Cut out the flashlight and light beam.

10. Next, place your flat diving flashlight in between the black cardboard and the plastic envelope. Moving the beam around will show your coloured underwater world.